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Friday, March 30, 2001

play ball

My Dad called me to tell me he was watching some news channel that had live footage of the President with tons of baseball hall of famers. He hadn't heard why this was happening, but I did a quick search of some websites and finally dug up some information.

Bush invited 40 Hall of Famers to lunch today and announced plans for a baseball field at the White House where kids can play tee-ball.

In other news: Dwight Gooden announces his retirement.

When I was younger, the Mets were my favorite national league team and I was a big fan of Gooden and Strawberry & company. Here's hoping that Doc Gooden's life is straightened out so he can properly enjoy his retirement.

Opening Day is Sunday.

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* * *

essentially minnesotan, you bet

A fairly accurate explanation of Minnesotans.

If you've never read How To Talk Minnesotan by Howard Mohr, I can't recommend it highly enough. Especially if you live in Minnesota. Or ever plan on visiting. Or know a Minnesotan (like yours truly).

I have a friend on the east coast who has read it and finds it funny . . . but he didn't realize, until I told him, that everything in the book is true. And it is all true (he still doesn't believe me, but then he's never been to Minnesota).

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* * *


If you care about all things Final Four or just want to look at the view of the Metrodome from the Star Tribune building (where I used to work), you might want to check out the DomeCam.

I miss being able to walk a block (or less?) to the Metrodome after work to see ballgames.

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Monday, March 26, 2001

patrick stewart speaks . . .

. . . about an actor's contract with the audience. An article in the Star Tribune that includes material from a speech Stewart gave to the National Press Club.

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Saturday, March 24, 2001

homicidal auction

NBC is auctioning off some key props from Homicide: Life on the Street. Cool, eh? They're also rebroadcasting The Movie on Sunday night. And they're releasing it on DVD, too. If you haven't been searching ebay for Homicide stuff lately, it's worth doing. A former propmaster for the show has been auctioning off all sorts of props, too.

Me? I'm satisfied, pretty much, with the props I have. Including a shirt that was worn by Daniel Baldwin as Beau Felton. A tie that was worn by Richard Belzer as Munch. One of Kay's notebooks. Business cards for everyone but Frank Pembleton. And Crosetti's badgeholder, slinky, sunglasses, pen, and Fraternal Order of Police keychain. (Still would've loved Kay or Beau's framed certificate from the stationhouse wall. Or one of Meldrick's hats or Frank's trenchcoats. But I'll live).

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Tuesday, March 20, 2001


I'm still around, sorry I'm not updating much just now. Busy with work, busy with life. And busy getting sucked another big offline project that will take up a chunk of my free time (but it should be fun and worthwhile and all that, I hope).

So updates may be more sporadic than usual around here for a bit.

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* * *

yeah, like that

I agree with Lucy. And that's what fandom is for me, too.

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Monday, March 19, 2001

. . .

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Friday, March 16, 2001

st. patrick's day in minneapolis

I'm not irish, but I enjoy a lot of irish music.

If you're going to be in Minneapolis (or thereabouts) this St. Patrick's Day, there's a ton of great music to be seen and heard.

The Big Concert is of course Boiled in Lead's 18th annual concert at First Avenue. I think I've been to at least half of those shows over the years. Doors open at 4pm, opening acts are Lehto & Wright, The Tim Malloys, and the Minnesota Pipes and Drums. Boiled in Lead takes the stage at 7:30pm or so.

Lojo Russo & Funks Grove are also playing this St. Patrick's Day:

From Noon 'til 2pm at Borealis Cafe (4th & 13th in Dinkytown)
From 4pm 'til 8:30pm at Kierans
And from 9pm 'til close at The Local (10th St. & Nicollet Mall)

And The Tim Malloys aren't content to merely open for BiL, they're also playing at Kierans from Noon until 5pm.

Yes, you too can play along with the "how long will Adam Stemple's voice hold out?" game (Adam plays guitar and sings with both the Tim Malloys and Boiled in Lead).

Minn-stf is also having their annual Pool Party at the Radisson South Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota. Starting at 2pm running 'til at least 2am if all goes true to form. Plenty of musician types I know plan to go to the Boiled in Lead show, then return to the Pool Party to play music for a while.

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Thursday, March 15, 2001

reason #989 why i love my tivo

So I stayed out later tonight than I thought I would.

And on my way home I realized I was very much in the mood to see tonight's episodes of Sports Night, but that I hadn't set up a VCR nor my Tivo to record the episodes today. ('Cuz usually I Tivo ER and wait and Tivo Sports Night on Sunday mornings). But I knew I'd cancelled the recording of ER for tonight (since it's a rerun) so I kindof hoped maybe my Tivo would read my mind (as it often does) and record Sports Night just 'cuz it likes me. Or knows I love Sports Night.

God bless my Tivo. I got home and it had recorded both episodes of Sports Night and was in the process of recording (as a suggestion) tonight's Homicide which I'd raved about in my TV Picks and as is often the case, once I raved I realized I was in the mood to see the episode again.

Yeah, I know, I'm a geek.

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* * *

winnipeg folk fest performers announced

There's an early list of some of the folks that'll be performing this year at the Winnipeg Folk Festival up at the website. More to be named later, of course. And early-bird tickets are available, too.

Among the performers? Blue Rodeo, the Paperboys, James Keelaghan. Cool.

I'm excited about the folk fest, about camping with friends, about our plans for a Spectacle (think: Burning Man) to wow the denizens of the campsite. And then there's that whole turning 30 thing (which excites me less, truth be told I'm kindof dreading it these days).

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* * *


I think it's safe to say that I no longer really need to plug Lileks.com, what with it being linked all over the place and mentioned in big offline periodicals and parts of it becoming books and everything. Not that it's not a great site (and if you aren't already visiting it regularly, you should be. Well, if you like the kindof things I like). And besides, if I searched this weblog I'd probably find I'd linked to it 99E99 times.

If you enjoy James Lileks' work, you might also like to read his columns @ startribune.com, including ye olde Backfence.

I think I'm punchy after a long day at work, but this recent bit almost made me laugh out loud (no mean feat when it's late and I'm alone in my office):

I'd like street-specific weather on demand, ordered over the Internet. Can you just imagine? It's March, and you're sick of the snow. You want to call up the City Hall Web page and request 80-degree heat in your back yard so you can strip down to your underwear and run around in that special Batman hood and cape you ordered from --

Let me start again. You want it to be warm in your vicinity. And not the warmth you get in your vicinity when you imagine yourself on the roof, cape snapping in the breeze, pretending there's a Bat signal on the moon. You --

Let me start again. You want warmth at home; you get on the Internet to request a Weather Variance from the city. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-typing! you hum. Hmm: No such Web site exists. Ah -- you typed the address incorrectly. Perhaps you'd see better if you weren't wearing the mask.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2001

but we knew that

Or at least anyone who has been reading this weblog for a while knows of my love for Bubblet. It's my favorite game on my Palm and I've helped addict countless others. Ahem.

Anyway. Palm Blvd. reviews Bubblet, giving it a rating of 10 out of 10. Of course.

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* * *

good deal on a palm

Best Buy has marked down Palm IIIxe's to $159. Quite a deal for a Palm with 8mb of memory. Of course prices are dropping on various models from Handspring and Palm 'cuz of the announcement of new, spiffer models.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2001


I posted a little something in my journal regarding Minicon.

This will be my 13th Minicon and I'm looking forward to it. The plans for the consuite (i.e. parties) sound great . . . with cocktail party (of sorts) on Friday night and the "When Weirds Collide" party on Saturday night (take the Minnesota State Fair, add Mardi Gras . . . um . . . ). There'll be music and cool programming. And everyone I know that's going seems to be planning a little something extra-special this year.

You can read all (more or less) about it in the latest progress report (this is a PDF).

Our guests of honor this year are Ken MacLeod, Jo Walton, and Leslie Fish who are all pretty darn cool. There'll be other cool writer and musician types at the con as well, of course.

Anyway. It'll be a blast. At the Hilton Minneapolis on April 13-15th.

If you're considering going for the first time or have gone in the past and have questions about the con in general or plans for this year, feel free to ask me about it.

And if you're going, I look forward to seeing you there. I've got all sorts of cunning plans in the works (mwhahahahaha).

The deadline for pre-registrations for this year's Minicon is March 15th (though I'd imagine registrations will be accepted at the Minn-stf pool party this Saturday, too. And they'll usually accept registrations that are a couple days late). The pre-registration fee is $40 for an adult. If you aren't sure you'll be able to make the convenetion, ou can buy a supporting membership now for $15 that will "convert" to a full membership at the door for another $25. Which is cheaper than the $70 at the door rate.

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* * *


I suppose every weblogger in the universe has linked to a page about the new Handspring Visor Edge, but hey. I like it. Now I just need to decide if I want blue or red . . .

Though I suppose this might be excessive since I've still got an old Palm III around that I use sometimes. And my newish Palm IIIxe.

(There are some gadgets out there that I don't covet, honest).

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Monday, March 12, 2001

shiny new toy

Bought a new PC this weekend.

After months of saving up some money. And debating with myself over whether I wanted a PC or a Mac, whether to build it myself or buy a system, which system to buy if I did, and on and on. Lots of looking at machines in stores and online.

Much as I'd have loved to buy an iMac or a Cube or an iBook or Titanium Powerbook, I figured I'd still want a PC in the house and my current one is dying (and old and slow). And you can get more bang for your buck with a PC, even if the OS sucks when compared to a Mac. Or maybe I should say the OS needs more tweaking. And I kindof like customizing Windows systems after all these years. I know, I'm scary.

So anyway. I got an HP 8860. 1 gigahertz AMD athlon processor. 128K of RAM (yes, I'll be adding more). DVD drive and CD burner. 60 gig harddrive (!). Plenty of room for expansion. I can finally use the TV card I got ages ago which wouldn't work on my NT machine. Open box deal @ Micro Center.

Still have a 15 inch monitor that seems way too small, so I may yet try to pick up a 17 inch or 19 inch monitor.

Anyway. I'll be playing on my PC for a while now. If anyone has software suggestions, I'd love to hear 'em. For the last year or so I've been focused on all things Mac and pretty much ignoring PC stuff.

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* * *

pain in the posterior index

I knew it!

How bad has this Minnesota winter been? A look at Pioneer Planet's Pain in the Posterior Index reveals all. Yeah, it's been miserable. Worst winter since I've been back in Minnesota.

(A couple of weeks ago I learned we had the more snow on the ground than we've had since 1967. Before I was born. No wonder this winter is getting to me . . . ).

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* * *

the lurker's guide

Whether you've decided to watch the entire run of Babylon 5 for the first time or the fourth time, you'll want to visit The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.

I recommend reading the guide entries for each episode after you've watched them because they contain interesting commentary and questions. Plus quotes from JMS (creator/producer/writer for the series). Of course you'll want to wait to read the entry for the pilot movie 'til after you've watched both parts of it, lest you encounter some spoilers.

Anyway. The whole run begins again tonight on the Sci-Fi channel with the first part of the pilot movie. Letterboxed! Episodes air weekdays at 6pm central time.

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* * *

homicide: the movie on DVD!

No, not the Mamet one.

Homicide: The Movie is coming out on DVD in May! No details yet on if it'll have any groovy extras (like a commentary track), but a girl can dream.

And The Movie is airing again on NBC on March 25th (opposite the Oscars, someone I bet it's ratings won't be stellar).

Anyway. It's the cool Homicide: Life on the Street reunion movie which brought together every castmember from all seasons of the series. And tied up some loose ends.

I might as well mention that if you're a fan of Homicide, it's still worth checking The Links Site at least once a week for the latest news on folks who worked on the show. And visiting alt.tv.homicide. And of course the show still airs weeknights at 10pm (central time) on Court TV.

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Friday, March 9, 2001

ahhhh, tech support

Actual conversation:

Tech: I thought you said you had thousands of email messages in your email box that would need converting when we switch you over to the new email software . . . I only see twenty or so in your inbox and a few more in another folder.

User: What? Look right here . . . there are thousands of emails that I refer to.

Tech: Um, that's your Trash folder. You mean you actually refer to emails in the Trash?

User: Yes, all the time. I go back and read stuff from old emails from clients, from the boss, and others.

Tech: What was the name of the folder you were saving things in again?

User: Trash

Tech: And you thought this was a good idea, because . . . ?

User: Um . . .

Tech: Do you also save important papers in a garbage can instead of a file cabinet?

User: Um, no.

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* * *

sf tv on dvd

You can now pre-order a 5-disc DVD set of episodes of Stargate SG-1. The discs include some behind-the-scenes stuff and interviews.

The first Farscape DVD is now available and it includes the first two episodes of the series. Plus some cool extras. The second, third, and fourth DVDs are available for pre-order, they each contain two episodes of Farscape.

Also: Don't forget to pre-order Season 3 of The X-Files if you haven't yet and are into that sortof thing. It's worth it to me just for the promised commentary track on "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" by Rob Bowman and Darin Morgan. But I'm a geek.
And I like plenty of other season 3 episodes, too.

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Thursday, March 8, 2001

gee, i wonder . . .

. . . if fan websites devoted to The X-Files (and Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny) had anything to do with House of Mirth and Return To Me topping TV Guide's Best Movies of 2000 poll.

Ya think?

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* * *

joss re the body

Joss Whedon answers some questions re "The Body" episode of Buffy. About what I expected, really, but good to hear the answers anyway.

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* * *

i wish i knew more, too

So Sars posted a very cool piece re 'booksmarts' and being well-read @ Tomato Nation. And then Kim weighed in @ Fresh Hell and then Monty owned up to owning Fabio books (the horror! the horror!).

All the pieces are worth reading (and worth quoting, but I'm running out of energy since I haven't had lunch yet and it's late).

I'm with Monty re reading all of Twain's stuff, by the way.

I'll probably post something to my journal later this week about this stuff, I've some thoughts I want to share. But have I mentioned I'm short on time now and I haven't had lunch yet and I'm cranky? D'oh. ;-p

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* * *

care tactics

I really like this piece by Muffet @ Hissyfit. It's called "Care Tactics: What Does It Really Mean for Women to 'Take Care' of Themselves" and it rocks:

"Taking care" of oneself is Neanderthal patois for "looking attractive." Since it is no longer considered politically correct to insist on a female partner who is combed, curled, shaved, plucked, painted, and pumiced to within an inch of her life, the euphemism "taking care" was revived from its Ozzie Nelson coma to circulate like a social disease, shaming women into adopting a labor-intensive grooming ritual or risk being accused of the lowest of insults: not giving a shit about themselves. The touchy-feely sensitive connotations of "taking care" belies its true meaning; it is yet another means to make women feel that their worth lies in their appearance alone.

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* * *

sweet lightsaber music

My coworker Jeremy just showed me and my officemate a little movie he made last night of him swinging a lightsaber and firing a gun. He used the software from alamdv.com to do the effects and they're pretty darn cool. (Especially since the software will retail for $60!)

I predict everyone will have movies of themselves swinging lightsabers on their webpages before too long.

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* * *

daily rounds

Back in the day, I read about 20 or 30 weblogs each day, along with Jon Carroll's column and James Lileks' Bleat, and Teevee and Obscure Store and the Homicide Links Site and slashdot and Ain't It Cool News and stuff at startribune.com and a bunch of other things.

These days I've got less time so the only things I always hit every morning are the Bleat, Teevee.org, and the Homicide Links site. In order to pull together my TV Picks, I visit my TV Links page and head off to see clicktv.com's schedule guide and the listings at the websites of AMC, TCM, Bravo, A&E, TNT, Sci-Fi, and a few others. I'll visit TV Barn and TV Tattle, too, if I get a minute. Sometimes TV Ultra and sometimes the various network websites. And by then I'm pretty much tired of websites or out of time.

On my lunch hour or a break I'll usually visit Mighty Big TV to see what's going on, maybe read some recaps or some stuff on the posting boards if I have time. And I've started stopping regularly at DamnHellAssKings 'cuz they link to some sites I really enjoy. And I check out the journal entries of my friends at Livejournal.

And when I have extra time, I'll visit my portal page and try to make my way through at least some of the weblogs on that list. And back to some of those sites I used to visit more daily. I know there are more weblogs that I'd like to add to the list, but I've been losing track of them lately. My brain can apparently only hold so many weblogs. And my bookmark file is a mess right now.

I need more time to surf and to read and to watch and to listen and well, you know. Do everything.

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* * *

maybe i used to read too many journals

So I've often talked about feeling sort of out of place in this little community of people who write online journals. I try not to make too much of a deal of it, but to wit: I don't watch Buffy. I don't really know shit about computers. I've never been or thought of being polyamorous.

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* * *

attempt at a journal #14

Years ago I kept an online journal, one of the first web journals. And I even managed to update regularly for a few months before I got out of the habit and then went weeks without saying anything. And then I started up again for a bit, then quit. You get the idea.

Then I started a private, invitation only journal for a bit. But it was a hassle for friends to read and I still wasn't quite comfortable. And I started keeping a journal at LiveJournal a while back, but I never quite found my voice, my audience. And then some jerk from my distant past showed up to make fun of what he thinks is my life (boy was he far off the mark). . . and I hid a lot of journal entries and started rethinking it all yet again. I don't need that kind of abuse.

The thing is: I may post a lot of stuff here and on my webpages and on the net in general. But there's a lot more that I'm not saying. I rarely talk about my friends, not 'cuz I don't think they're fabulous, but because I worry about invading their privacy. Or accidently getting something they said or did wrong. I don't trust my memory very well, not for recounting other people's actions. If I screw up when recounting something I did, so be it.

If people want to judge me for stuff I say in my journal, so be it. But I've decided to start writing in it regularly again. I'm not sure how much will be introspective mumble jumble (like today's entry) or how much will be simply recounting much more mundane things. The shouting out of random thoughts that are a bit too wordy for this weblog. Jeez, I'm getting wordy here already. So I'll stop.

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* * *

dns woes

So earlier this week my website(s) moved from one server to another at my web hosting provider. No big deal, really.

Except that the DNS data isn't propogating quite as fast in some corners of the world.

From my home computer, when I visit windowseat.org I'm still seeing my old webpages. And none of the updates I made here or to my tv picks in the last couple of days from work. And of course when I look at windowseat.org from work, I'm not seeing the updates I made from home. 'Cuz my home computer still things windowseat.org is at it's old IP address, I guess. Grrrr.

I hadn't realized these would be issues or I would've warned y'all. As it stands now, if you're seeing this, you're seeing windowseat.org in it's new location and all is right with the world. But I'm sure there are some folks out there wondering "hey, why isn't Laurel updating her picks or her weblog?" and um, sorry about that. I am. Gosh.

(I'm working on FTPing some files between the two locations so the sites match up, but boy is it a pain).

And the two entries below this one are ones I tried to post last night from home.

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* * *

dude, maybe it's not the music that repels them

So maybe I spend way too much time looking at people's listmania lists at amazon.com. I can't help it.

But what's up with this list? Music to Repel Chicks.

Okay, the Iron Maiden record and the Foreigner one would make this chick retch or at least roll her eyes. And I can't quite imagine what would be on a Three Stooges album.

But the rest of the picks? Um, these are albums I own, dangit. And I'm a chick, okay? Don't underestimate my chick-itude.

And don't dis Weird Al, Moxy Fruvous, Barenaked Ladies, They Might Be Giants, Spinal Tap, John Williams' Star Wars scores, Space Ghost or Brak. Or there'll be hell to pay.

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* * *


The other night I decided to pull out one of my DVDs that I hadn't yet watched, figuring I'd just check out the special features since it was already after 10pm and I shouldn't stay up too late since I had to work in the morning.

I put the Glory special edition DVD in ye olde DVD player and um . . . didn't get to sleep 'til 2:30am.

The thing is, Glory is one of my all-time favorite movies. And I hadn't watched it in a long time. And there were a lot of extras on thedisc. First I thought I'd check out just the deleted scenes, but then I wanted to look at some of the documentaries (there are three on the disc) and then I was curious about the picture-in-picture commentary track.

Um. And it's cool. Video (and audio, of course) commentary from Edward Zwick (who directed the film) and Morgan Freeman and Matthew Broderick (who both acted in it). So maybe I watched the whole thing with the video commentary.

There's another audio-only commentary from Zwick and I managed to turn off the DVD player before starting that. Barely. And of course I want to watch the movie once sans commentary, too. And I never did finish all of the documentaries . . .

I'm studiously avoiding the DVD player tonight. 'Course I've a Tivo chock full of stuff. And then there are the 96 episodes of Hogan's Heroes I taped a couple of weekends ago . . . (you think I'm kidding).

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Wednesday, March 7, 2001

new design for one page, anyway

So I'm sick of how my webpages look. I have dreams of putting together at least one groovy design element that would somehow tie the site all together, rather than having each page represent a different year of this site's existence.

Yikes. I just realized that I've had webpages online since 1993. Well, I've been saying 1993 forever. But I just paused long enough to actually, you know, Do The Math. That's 8 years! Eek. And before that I had a page up on a gopher site (really!).

Anyway. I'm rambling just to point out the fact that I put together a new front page for windowseat.org. I like it (for now). It makes me happy. Of course it looks nothing like the rest of the site, but hey.

Maybe I'll make the rest of the site look like it. Or maybe I won't. This is a patchwork website, that's for sure. If I weren't so busy providing content . . . Like today's deep edition of the TV Picks where all I could think to say ('cuz I'm short on sleep) is "Woohoo!" and "Yay!" and such. Insightful criticisms R Us.

If I weren't busy doing that, maybe I could learn how to use style sheets. And how to put together some cooler graphics. Etc. Oh, well.

(Forget what the old main page looked like already? Here it is in all it's . . . subtlety).

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* * *

this is not happening

Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, and John Shiban aren't making The Lone Gunmen into a wacky comedy, are they? (I refuse to blame co-producer/creator Vince Gilligan since he got the Gunguys right on The X-Files and because, well, he's Vince).

I like the Gunmen. A lot. Yeah maybe they remind me of various friends of mine, maybe even a little bit of myself. And no, I don't write a conspiracy newsletter and live in a bunker with two geeky guys (though as I write that, I realize it has a certain appeal . . . um).

The commercials gave me the fear. Pratfalls?!? Mission: Impossible hijinks? And then I read about the woman who'd be on the show. Don't get me started. And some lunkhead guy shows up in the second episode who'll be a regular, too. Sigh.

And then there was Chris Carter on Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien. Painful to watch. "It's a comedy with a little drama." Huh? Sure, I can imagine it'd be funnier more regularly than The X-Files, but having Frohike fall down alot isn't my kind of funny (once in a while, sure-- but all the time? Please).

I know Chris Carter wanted to be sure people saw the show, but killing Mulder and then putting a wacky comedy Lone Gunmen series on in The X-Files timeslot for six weeks seems like a surefire way to tick people off. And let's not forget that the Gunmen are Mulder's best friends (other than Scully) and that they'd be pretty upset about him being dead and all.

The pilot wasn't as bad as I'd feared it'd be, but it could've been so much better. And of course I'll keep watching and taping and hoping. But still. I hope for episodes penned by Vince Gilligan. For fewer pratfalls. For a realistic female character (ha!).

And in the meantime, I think this is a perfect time to reread this look at Carter's involvement with The X-Files. Written by someone known as "pisher" for the 11th Hour, it's fascinating. Scary. And maybe it's all true. Carter's appearance on Conan and what's happening with the Gunmen series makes me want to believe (believe pisher, that is). You'll probably also want to read part 2 and the conclusion of the saga. It's a lengthy read, but have I mentioned it's fascinating?

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Sunday, March 4, 2001

bargain dvds

So I noticed today at Best Buy that they had the DVDs of X-Men, Raising Arizona, and Men in Black all marked down to $14.99. Sale price probably lasts all this week. Some other DVDs were also on sale for that price, too.

And at Target I found The Thomas Crown Affair (the Brosnan/Russo remake, that is) for $12.47.

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* * *

new bujold book

Lois McMaster Bujold's next novel is a fantasy called The Curse of Chalion and is due out in August. Harper Collins is releasing the first eight chapters of the book online, with one chapter being posted every three weeks or so. The first chapter went online on March 1st.

I've been known to devour Bujold books in one sitting, so this may be a new kind of slow torture, I'm not sure if I dare read these advance chapters. Then again, it's not a Vorkosigan book so maybe I won't be as impatient, yeah, that's it.

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'round and 'round (like a you-know-what)

As a child one of the singles I listened to a lot on the family record player was "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron." It was a favorite. Still love the tune and am always happy when somebody or someone else will play it at a party where we can all sing along.

Frequent correspondent Felix sent me this link to a cool Snoopy / Red Baron desktop image. I like it.

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color my world

So something inspired me to pay a visit to the Chiasso website today . . . it was probably an issue of the Ikea magazine that got me craving brightly colored housewares. That and the latest Garnet Hill catalog.

Chiasso and Ikea and Garnet Hill make me happy. I think I've craved bright colors ever since the day my Mom painted my bedroom walls bright yellow (I was skeptical of her plan back then, but learned to love those yellow walls. Though when I was in high school I had two walls painted black and two a sortof dark teal . . . ).

One thing I hate about living in an apartment is that I'm stuck with white walls and beige or grey carpeting. Wah. I want wood floors and throw rugs. I want to paint the walls!

But I've still got splashes of color all over the place. A blue denim slipcover on my couch + bright colored throw pillows. A bright yellow big heavy square coffeetable that I got at a flea market for cheap. A handpainted copy of a favorite Renoir painting that my parents got me at a sale (some art student must've painted it for a class or practice or something). A floor lamp from Ikea with a bright orange plastic lampshade (that just matches the orange in the Renoir, of course). A bright blue Ikea table lamp. A bounce around Tigger toy. Black bookshelves that are chock full of books (I always prefer black shelves so that the colors of the bookjackets or CDs or tapes show up brightly against the shelves). Then there are the action figures and movie posters. The kitchen full of Fiestaware. The bright yellow rubber duckie rug in the bathroom. And so on.

Stuff I need from the Chiasso catalog? That Medusa floor lamp. The blue rocketship lamp. The rubber duckie hot water bottle. A set of those swing glasses (one in each color). The red rubber heart coasters. "Need" might be too strong of a word, but nahhhhh . . . after a winter like this, I need more color.

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Friday, March 2, 2001

so long as they don't make morpheus underoos

So the other day I was out with my Dad and he asked me if it was possible he'd seen "Sandman brand clothing" and if it really had to do with a certain comic book by Neil Gaiman. I said that over the years there'd been T-shirts and posters and stuff, of course, but that I hadn't heard of any clothing line . . . but also that I'm not as up on these things as I'm used to. Still, I had a hard time imagining it.

So then today my Dad called me to talk about something or other and mentioned that he'd read somewhere that there is a line of Sandman merchandise at Hot Topic and that they're having a contest where they give away books signed by that Neil Gaiman guy. Huh.

And sure enough, it's true.

You realize that for a fleeting moment I'd envisioned baggy hip-hop style clothing with Sandman related logos . . . eek.

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Thursday, March 1, 2001

an interview with chip delany

Samuel R. Delany interviewed by K. Leslie Steiner [via follow me here]. Steiner is one of Delany's pseudonyms. And everyone I know that knows Delany calls him Chip (in case you were wondering about the subject line of this entry). Delany was at the U of M for a bit a couple of years ago and I'm still a little sad that I didn't get a chance to meet him then, but I suspect I'd be woefully intimidated by the man. I don't generally get all starstruck and go all fangirl on folks whose work I admire, but sometimes I get awfully tongue-tied (more so than usual, even).

I surely agree with Delany on this score:

A temperamental reason why I prefer the written interview may be even more important: I'm a writer. My thoughts are formed by writing. When I want to think with any seriousness about a topic, I write about it. Writing slows the thought processes down to where one can follow them- and elaborate on them--more efficiently. Writing is how I do my thinking. Thus, if you want to understand what I think, ask me to write--not to speak.

The few times I've been interviewed, I've had a hard time saying what I wanted to off-the-cuff on the phone; I've been relieved when I've been asked to do interviews via email. Email I can do.

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be afraid, be very afraid

It's not a sock monkey, it's a Spock Monkey [via Pop Culture Junk Mail].

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i still think it's part of a conspiracy . . .

. . . to cover up the existence of alien lifeforms.

But this is what's going on:

At about 3:30 AM PST on 27 February an optical fiber cable connecting the U.C. Berkeley campus with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was cut, apparently by vandals trying to "salvage" copper from other nearby cables.

The broken fiber carries data and voice connections for LBNL and also for the Space Sciences Lab and the Lawrence Hall of Science. SSL is where the SETI@Home project is located, so the millions of participants helping to analyze data have been unable to contact the SETI@Home servers ever since.

This morning we (CNS) were told that the repairs would be finished sometime today. Unfortunately that's not the case. The carrier has finished pulling new cable, but now LBNL has to splice the new cable into their own fiber plant. This process will not be completed until late in the day Friday, 2 March.

For more information, please visit the newsgroups sci.astro.seti and alt.sci.seti.

Thanks to Pat for emailing this to me. And yeah, I've got three systems running SETI screensavers (one at home, two at work). They've been less than happy for the last day or two. :(

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who can turn the world on with her smile?

A bronze statue of Mary Tyler Moore (as Mary Richards) tossing her hat is going to be put up on Nicollet Mall on the corner where Mary tossed her hat in the opening credits of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Very cool.

Thanks, TV Land.

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A cool article about director Dennie Gordon. She's from Minnesota originally and has directed episodes of Picket Fences, Sports Night, Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal, Party of Five, The Practice, Dawson's Creek, Relativity, Jack & Jill, and other shows. When David E. Kelley, Aaron Sorkin, Thomas Schlamme, and Camryn Manheim all sing your praises-- you're doing something right.

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who's afraid? not me

So yeah, I saw Patrick Stewart and Mercedes Ruehl in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at the Guthrie Theater on Tuesday night.


It's a fabulous production, and though the play is over three hours long, it flew by. Very funny, poignant, thought-provoking, sad, and impressive. I heard plenty of people talking about what an endurance test it was to watch such a "horrible play," because all the "nasty people do is fight," but I went with a couple of skeptics who owned up to the fact that the play really moved along and was quite funny, even if at times hard to watch (for some folks). I imagine it's harder for Minnesotans to take than folks from other parts of the world. The movie version always left me cold, but this version is fabulous. Part of a very smart move by the Guthrie folks.

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Remember when it was possible to read all of the webpages out there that called themselves 'weblogs'?

So maybe sometimes I miss the days of reading 20-30 or more weblogs regularly, when it seemed like we all read each others pages.

I liked that.

Not that I don't like that there are so many weblogs now, but I don't feel a part of any weblog community anymore. And I feel like I'm missing many good weblogs. I feel disconnected.

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