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March 02, 2001

so long as they don't make morpheus underoos

So the other day I was out with my Dad and he asked me if it was possible he'd seen "Sandman brand clothing" and if it really had to do with a certain comic book by Neil Gaiman. I said that over the years there'd been T-shirts and posters and stuff, of course, but that I hadn't heard of any clothing line . . . but also that I'm not as up on these things as I'm used to. Still, I had a hard time imagining it.

So then today my Dad called me to talk about something or other and mentioned that he'd read somewhere that there is a line of Sandman merchandise at Hot Topic and that they're having a contest where they give away books signed by that Neil Gaiman guy. Huh.

And sure enough, it's true.

You realize that for a fleeting moment I'd envisioned baggy hip-hop style clothing with Sandman related logos . . . eek.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 02:24 PM

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