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March 01, 2001

an interview with chip delany

Samuel R. Delany interviewed by K. Leslie Steiner [via follow me here]. Steiner is one of Delany's pseudonyms. And everyone I know that knows Delany calls him Chip (in case you were wondering about the subject line of this entry). Delany was at the U of M for a bit a couple of years ago and I'm still a little sad that I didn't get a chance to meet him then, but I suspect I'd be woefully intimidated by the man. I don't generally get all starstruck and go all fangirl on folks whose work I admire, but sometimes I get awfully tongue-tied (more so than usual, even).

I surely agree with Delany on this score:

A temperamental reason why I prefer the written interview may be even more important: I'm a writer. My thoughts are formed by writing. When I want to think with any seriousness about a topic, I write about it. Writing slows the thought processes down to where one can follow them- and elaborate on them--more efficiently. Writing is how I do my thinking. Thus, if you want to understand what I think, ask me to write--not to speak.

The few times I've been interviewed, I've had a hard time saying what I wanted to off-the-cuff on the phone; I've been relieved when I've been asked to do interviews via email. Email I can do.

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