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March 08, 2001

i wish i knew more, too

So Sars posted a very cool piece re 'booksmarts' and being well-read @ Tomato Nation. And then Kim weighed in @ Fresh Hell and then Monty owned up to owning Fabio books (the horror! the horror!).

All the pieces are worth reading (and worth quoting, but I'm running out of energy since I haven't had lunch yet and it's late).

I'm with Monty re reading all of Twain's stuff, by the way.

I'll probably post something to my journal later this week about this stuff, I've some thoughts I want to share. But have I mentioned I'm short on time now and I haven't had lunch yet and I'm cranky? D'oh. ;-p

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 02:15 PM

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