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January 29, 2005

on hiatus

I'm not sure when (if ever) I'll get back to updating this weblog regularly. I sometimes have had a day or two of activity when I'd get optimistic and think I was jumping back into the weblog pool, only to get too busy with other things.

I started this weblog in August 1998, when it was one of the first 25 or so weblogs in existence. Never dreamed weblogs would one day become such a Big Deal.

I still prefer that they be called "weblogs" (not "blogs"), dangit. And I also maintain that there are key differences between weblogs and online journals and I wish more people understood the distinction. Though, of course, the lines blur all the time. Especially when people use journal tools for weblogs and weblog tools for journals; and when some people maintain sites that really are a combination of both.

In March 1999, I spun my TV Picks off from the weblog to a separate page and later to a separate domain name and as time wore on, that site took up more and more of my time. It's become my focus.

By now (and even by March 1999), there are/were plenty of weblogs out there which cover pop culture, science fiction, and the sort of geeky things that interest me. I didn't feel my voice was necessarily needed so much as a weblogger, but I feel my tv picks are a bit more unique.

I just don't read many weblogs these days. The days are long gone where you could read all the weblogs and I do miss that. But I'm also impressed by how many weblogs there are and especially how many interesting ones there are. And I know I'm missing a lot of cool stuff.

Maybe I'll still sometimes find the time to post the occasional entry here. First, I want to upgrade my software and tweak the archives a bit. And I've still tons of improvements I'd like to make over at tvpicks.net.

If you're a regular reader-- thanks so much. I'm sorry my posts have been so infrequent in recent years. If you're just stopping by, I hope you'll enjoy perusing the archives. The early stuff in particular might be of interest if you're curious about the olden days when there were only 30-50 weblogs, and then 100 and then . . . well, you know.

If you watch any U.S. broadcast and/or cable TV, I hope you'll check out my work at TVPicks.net. If you rent or buy TV DVDs, you should check out my TV on DVD page (it was the first ever webpage to list TV DVD releases). If you're wondering how my personal life is going, you might enjoy reading my livejournal (though most of my posts can only be seen if you have a Livejournal account yourself and are on my "friends list").

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have fun perusing the archives.

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