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March 08, 2001

dns woes

So earlier this week my website(s) moved from one server to another at my web hosting provider. No big deal, really.

Except that the DNS data isn't propogating quite as fast in some corners of the world.

From my home computer, when I visit windowseat.org I'm still seeing my old webpages. And none of the updates I made here or to my tv picks in the last couple of days from work. And of course when I look at windowseat.org from work, I'm not seeing the updates I made from home. 'Cuz my home computer still things windowseat.org is at it's old IP address, I guess. Grrrr.

I hadn't realized these would be issues or I would've warned y'all. As it stands now, if you're seeing this, you're seeing windowseat.org in it's new location and all is right with the world. But I'm sure there are some folks out there wondering "hey, why isn't Laurel updating her picks or her weblog?" and um, sorry about that. I am. Gosh.

(I'm working on FTPing some files between the two locations so the sites match up, but boy is it a pain).

And the two entries below this one are ones I tried to post last night from home.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 11:01 AM

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