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March 09, 2001

ahhhh, tech support

Actual conversation:

Tech: I thought you said you had thousands of email messages in your email box that would need converting when we switch you over to the new email software . . . I only see twenty or so in your inbox and a few more in another folder.

User: What? Look right here . . . there are thousands of emails that I refer to.

Tech: Um, that's your Trash folder. You mean you actually refer to emails in the Trash?

User: Yes, all the time. I go back and read stuff from old emails from clients, from the boss, and others.

Tech: What was the name of the folder you were saving things in again?

User: Trash

Tech: And you thought this was a good idea, because . . . ?

User: Um . . .

Tech: Do you also save important papers in a garbage can instead of a file cabinet?

User: Um, no.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 04:24 PM

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Chortle-snort. I've been on far too many of the "Tech" side of these conversations. I get too frustrated with the silly things support people have to put up with and marvel at anyone that can do it for a living.

Posted by: Peter Hentges at March 9, 2001 04:44 PM

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