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March 08, 2001

daily rounds

Back in the day, I read about 20 or 30 weblogs each day, along with Jon Carroll's column and James Lileks' Bleat, and Teevee and Obscure Store and the Homicide Links Site and slashdot and Ain't It Cool News and stuff at startribune.com and a bunch of other things.

These days I've got less time so the only things I always hit every morning are the Bleat, Teevee.org, and the Homicide Links site. In order to pull together my TV Picks, I visit my TV Links page and head off to see clicktv.com's schedule guide and the listings at the websites of AMC, TCM, Bravo, A&E, TNT, Sci-Fi, and a few others. I'll visit TV Barn and TV Tattle, too, if I get a minute. Sometimes TV Ultra and sometimes the various network websites. And by then I'm pretty much tired of websites or out of time.

On my lunch hour or a break I'll usually visit Mighty Big TV to see what's going on, maybe read some recaps or some stuff on the posting boards if I have time. And I've started stopping regularly at DamnHellAssKings 'cuz they link to some sites I really enjoy. And I check out the journal entries of my friends at Livejournal.

And when I have extra time, I'll visit my portal page and try to make my way through at least some of the weblogs on that list. And back to some of those sites I used to visit more daily. I know there are more weblogs that I'd like to add to the list, but I've been losing track of them lately. My brain can apparently only hold so many weblogs. And my bookmark file is a mess right now.

I need more time to surf and to read and to watch and to listen and well, you know. Do everything.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 01:37 PM

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