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March 12, 2001

homicide: the movie on DVD!

No, not the Mamet one.

Homicide: The Movie is coming out on DVD in May! No details yet on if it'll have any groovy extras (like a commentary track), but a girl can dream.

And The Movie is airing again on NBC on March 25th (opposite the Oscars, someone I bet it's ratings won't be stellar).

Anyway. It's the cool Homicide: Life on the Street reunion movie which brought together every castmember from all seasons of the series. And tied up some loose ends.

I might as well mention that if you're a fan of Homicide, it's still worth checking The Links Site at least once a week for the latest news on folks who worked on the show. And visiting alt.tv.homicide. And of course the show still airs weeknights at 10pm (central time) on Court TV.

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