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March 15, 2001


I think it's safe to say that I no longer really need to plug Lileks.com, what with it being linked all over the place and mentioned in big offline periodicals and parts of it becoming books and everything. Not that it's not a great site (and if you aren't already visiting it regularly, you should be. Well, if you like the kindof things I like). And besides, if I searched this weblog I'd probably find I'd linked to it 99E99 times.

If you enjoy James Lileks' work, you might also like to read his columns @ startribune.com, including ye olde Backfence.

I think I'm punchy after a long day at work, but this recent bit almost made me laugh out loud (no mean feat when it's late and I'm alone in my office):

I'd like street-specific weather on demand, ordered over the Internet. Can you just imagine? It's March, and you're sick of the snow. You want to call up the City Hall Web page and request 80-degree heat in your back yard so you can strip down to your underwear and run around in that special Batman hood and cape you ordered from --

Let me start again. You want it to be warm in your vicinity. And not the warmth you get in your vicinity when you imagine yourself on the roof, cape snapping in the breeze, pretending there's a Bat signal on the moon. You --

Let me start again. You want warmth at home; you get on the Internet to request a Weather Variance from the city. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-typing! you hum. Hmm: No such Web site exists. Ah -- you typed the address incorrectly. Perhaps you'd see better if you weren't wearing the mask.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 07:33 PM

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