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Homicide: Scripts on the Street
(Well okay, actually they're online, not necessarily on the street)

This is a page where you'll find scripts and transcripts for episodes of Homicide: Life on the Street.

Now available
"Night of the Dead Living" (transcript by Victoria)
"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" (transcript by Kathy B.)
"A Many Splendored Thing" (transcript by Teri V.)
"Every Mother's Son" (script scanned by Pamela Rose)
"Dead End" (script on Jason Lempka's site)
New! "Colors" (script on Tom Fontana's site)
"A Doll's Eyes" (transcription by Cindy)
"The Documentary" (transcript by Kayleigh)
"Deception" (transcript by Kalle)
"Forgive Us Our Trespasses" (transcription by Kathy B.)
"Homicide: Life Everlasting" (The Movie) (pink draft of the script transcribed by Ramius)

Bits & Pieces

Homicide: Life Everlasting transcript (Partial transcript. A collaborative effort with scenes transcribed by BPSprtFan, Jessica, Teri V., and Kayleigh)

"Black and Blue" (some scenes from a script transcribed by Laurel. Most or all of them didn't make it on the air)

Call For Help
If you notice any spelling errors or transcription errors or anything that's wrong in the above transcripts, please let us know.

We need your help! Do you own a script for the show? If you do, we'd love it if you could scan it in or type it in and submit it. Or pass it or a copy of it on to somebody who could (or to me and I'll get it online somehow). Have a favorite episode on tape? Would you be willing to transcribe it? Cool. Or if you have the right videocard in your computer, you might be able to capture closed-captioning information which would go a long way to getting a good transcription (and save a lot of typing).

Now, before you run off and start typing, scanning, whatever . . . please check in. We don't want to duplicate efforts, no sense having two different fans type up the same episode. So send email to to let us know which episode you plan to do (or already have done). Thanks!

If you don't see a script or transcript here, I don't have it. So if you thought you sent me something ages ago, either I didn't receive it or it got lost-- please try emailing me again. I've removed the list of volunteers from ages ago because I haven't heard from anyone in, um, ages. If you're still working on something, let me know. And if you gave up on a project, I'd be happy to post partial scripts/transcripts.

If you do work on a script, I'll happily take them as text files and/or in HTML. Send any questions to the email address listed above.

Need a list of episodes to help you decide which one you'd like to transcribe? Check out Dennis Kytasaari's Episode Guide.

Find any (and all) online Homicide information at Homicide: Links on the Sites.

The characters, plotlines, words, etc. included here are owned by Baltimore Pictures and Fatima Productions in association with NBC Studios, all rights reserved. Homicide was created by Paul Attanasio and based upon David Simon's book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. The scripts/transcripts are in no way a substitute for the show Homicide: Life on the Street. A TV show is a work of art, created by a large group of people, intended to be seen on television. We're collecting these words/descriptions from the show for educational purposes only. We're fans who love the show and love to learn as much about it as possible, in whatever form it takes. And a natural way of sharing our knowledge is by posting information online. No harm is intended. If you own the rights to any of these words and are upset that they're posted here, please tell us.

This site not authorized or endorsed by Baltimore Pictures, Fatima Productions, or NBC. Or the writers of the episodes. The words belong to them (and we thank them for their fine stories).

This page last updated on February 26, 2003 by Laurel Krahn.

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