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Why We Hate Tom Fontana

More quotations from Mr. Fontana.


Inspiration for this site from Tom Fontana:
"I have yet to figure out Internet people. There is actually a "Why We Hate Tom Fontana" Web site, because I make choices for characters that people thought weren't the way to go. But they're my characters."
  - Tom Fontana, June 13, 1999 (This site was created on June 19, 1999).

We have no idea how Tom Fontana got the idea that there was a page like this one, unless perhaps he was identifying a bit too closely with Falsone-- there is, and has been for quite some time, a We Hate Paul Falsone website.

Or perhaps he caught the DIE, FONTANA, DIE / 101 Ways to Kill Tom Fontana discussion. Though that was a fleeting discussion in a newsgroup, not an actual website. Along those same lines: The collected works of Parvesh Mehta.

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Encouragement from Pamela Rose, Dave Locke, and the rest of alt.tv.homicide.
Quotations courtesy of The Links Site (Jim King, Dave Locke, et al) and Amanda K. Paulette.
Inspiration for the inspiration line from Morpheus.
Web design (such as it is) by Laurel Krahn.
Above all, this site would not be possible (or dreamed of) without Tom Fontana.

The fans responsible for this site love the television show Homicide: Life on the Street. But we don't love it when Fontana publicly (and repeatedly) disparages an enthusiastic and supportive fan base. Nor do we care for a producer who would fire Melissa Leo (and then make jokes at her expense).

That said, no one here wishes Tom Fontana harmed (or dead). In fact, most of us are incredibly grateful for his contributions to the creation and care of Homicide: Life on the Street. Most fans can argue for hours, days, weeks, years about a great many things relating to this show-- including what part Fontana has played over the years. And which decisions were good, which were bad. This is a pretty solid recommendation for the work, that's for sure.

Do any of us truly hate Tom Fontana? I don't know. I'd guess not many, really, if any. We may hate certain decisions, certain quotations, whatever. But altogether? Nah. We don't know the guy and don't presume to know him. And we're grateful for Homicide. Our time is better spent hating Nielsen families, Emmy voters, and some idiots at NBC.

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For any and all information related to Homicide: Life on the Street, visit Homicide: Links on the Sites.

The Man himself, Tom Fontana, now has an official website. It's pretty cool (as is he). We really don't hate him (and if you're reading this, Mr. Fontana, we hope you understand where we're coming from. Thank you for The Best Damn Show On Television).

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"I open the mouth I insert the foot."

"Fontana, you _f*cking_ bastard!" -Bruce, on alt.tv.homicide.

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