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"Deception" writer: Debbie Sarjeant
story: Tom Fontana & Julie Martin & James Yoshimura
director: Peter Medak







A dead black man lies on the bed with eyes and mouth wide open. John Munch and J.H. Brodie enters
through the open door.

BRODIE: Ah, looks like he took it well.

MUNCH: Took what well?

BRODIE: I don't know. Whatever it is that killed him.

Brodie starts filming the body while Munch picks up the dead man's passport from the table next to the

MUNCH: Joseph Agboye. Passport issued in Lagos, Nigeria. Left Amsterdam on wednesday, entered the
country through VWI yesterday. Found dead in Baltimore this morning.

A uniform enters the room.

UNIFORM: No blood, no trauma, no forced entry. Wallet, money, and jewelry are still on or about his

BRODIE: Any guesses, Munch?

MUNCH: Ahhh... Airline food.

BRODIE: Heh heh heh.

MUNCH: Put it down to undeterminable cause. Let the morgue rats figure it out.

Julianna Cox appears in the doorway.

COX: Excuse me, I heard that.

MUNCH: Well, I meant morgue rats in the most complimentary way.

COX: Oh, of course you did. So what have I missed.

MUNCH: Man travels halfway around the world, dies for no appearent reason in a twenty dollar motel
room in a non-descripted American metropolis, unknown and unmourned.

COX: You depress me, Munch. Don't you ever think of anything positive to say?

MUNCH: Hey, if he's not murdered, it's not my problem.


Cox picks condoms filled with heroin out of Agboye's open stomach. Terri Stivers and another man, Ray
Borders, is present.

COX: Well, well, well. We seem to have a new record for swallowed contraband. Seventy-six and
seventy-seven eggs of what seem to be pure heroin.

STIVERS: Ehhh...

COX: That's half a kilo at least.


COX: You know, when I was doing my resume in Buffalo, we had this one case where this guy tried to
cross the Canadian border with forty-two of these bad boys in his belly, but, man! Seventy-seven, that
pretty much takes the trophy.

Mike Kellerman and Meldrick Lewis enters the morgue.

KELLERMAN: You rang?

STIVERS: This is Ray Borders with Customs, Baltimore Field Office.

LEWIS: Borders, from Customs? Heh heh.

Lewis shakes hands with Borders.

LEWIS: Lewis, Homicide. This is my partner, Mike Kellerman.

STIVERS: And this is Joseph Agboy, found dead at a Washington Boulevard motel this morning.

LEWIS: That's Munch's case. See ya.

STIVERS: Well now it's yours, mine and ours.

BORDERS: Seems mr. Agboye here swallowed half a kilo of latex-wrapped heroin in Amsterdam. That's
before catching a flight to Baltimore.

LEWIS: Then what?

COX: Then a condom broke, is what.

Scheiner passes by.

SCHEINER: I hate when that happens.

KELLERMAN: I hear ya. So it was an overdose?

COX: A racehorse would have blacked in a minute.

LEWIS: So why you calling us? This looks like a job for Narcotics.

STIVERS: Right, but I called you because this is a heroin shipment destined for the drug organisation
of one Luther Mahoney. Are you with us?

LEWIS: You mention the name Luther Mahoney and we'll follow you to the end of the earth. Lead the way.
Bye, doc.

COX: See you later.






Police cars drive by.


Kay Howard sits at her desk.

HOWARD: Munch, pick up on line one.

MUNCH: Who is it?

HOWARD: Some guy. Says he's an inmate from Jessup. Wants to talk to Bolander.

MUNCH: Well, if he wants to talk to Bolander, what are you telling me for?

HOWARD: Momentarily lapse of insanity. I guess you want me to handle it, I'll handle it.

Munch picks up the phone before Howard.

MUNCH: Detective Munch speaking.


A little later. Munch walks up to Naomi's desk.

MUNCH: Naomi. I need you to pull an old file for me. From eighty-seven. Last name is DeLeon, first
name is Laszlo, otherwise known as Punchy. He's doing ten years for murdering a guy named Sam Noonan.
One of Bolander's old cases come back to haunt me. Thanks.

Munch and Naomi walk away in different directions.


Frank Pembleton struggles to get a plastic bag into his locker. He succeeds. Howard stands by.

PEMBLETON: Okay. Terrific.

HOWARD: You need a hand there, Frank?

PEMBLETON: No, what I need is a bigger locker.

Howard picks up a pair of boxer shorts from the floor and gives them to Pembleton.

HOWARD: You always bring your dirty wash to work?

PEMBLETON: Oh no, this is clean, Kay. This is all fresh. At least it was before I dropped it on the

HOWARD: I won't ask.

PEMBLETON: No, no. It's okay. You can ask. Yes, I own a washer. Yes, I own a drier. Yes, I know how to
do my laundry. I just don't have the time. You see, I dropped these off at the spinacy at about three
weeks ago. Lady called says she's gonna donate everything to the Salvation Army if I didn't pick it up
this morning, so... Any other questions?

HOWARD: Yeah, have you finished the prosecution report on the Rader case?

PEMBLETON: The... um... No, not yet.

HOWARD: Well, I need it on my desk by the end of the day.


Howard leaves. Triple cut as Pembleton slams his locker shut and leaves.


Al Giardello, George Barnfather, Lewis, Kellerman and Gail Ingram sits around a table listening to
Borders and Stivers.

BORDERS: We know from his passport that for the last three years, Joseph Agboye's made four runs
annual to this country. Each time entering either the Washington or Baltimore airport.

Borders and Stivers stand in front of a board with Mahoney's organisation written on it, and with
photos of the involved.

STIVERS: We also know that our boy made a call to a payphone at a used car lot on the West Side. And
this lot is owned by one Antonio Brookdale. Brookdale's been a lieutenant in Mahoney's organisation
for at least two years. The lot was purchased six months ago as a front for money laundry.

BARNFATHER: So we've stumbled on Mahoney's quartedly shipment.

GIARDELLO: The question is, what do we do with it?

INGRAM: Simple. We use an undercover agent. We bring the shipment of heroin to Brookdale at the car
lot and then we arrest him. Then maybe we get Brookdale to roll over on Mahoney.

LEWIS: Heh heh heh. You gonna get one of Luther's lieutenants to roll over on him?

INGRAM: We're gonna try.

KELLERMAN: Well, you're gonna fail.

INGRAM: How can you be so sure?

LEWIS: You don't know Luther.

KELLERMAN: As fast as you build a case against this guy, he's gonna tear it down. Well, he doesn't
care. He'll indimidate witnesses, he'll torture witnesses. I mean, look, he'll kill witnesses. At
best, you're gonna end up with a case against Antonio Brookdale. At worst, you're gonna end up with a
closed car lot.

INGRAM: As usual, detective Kellerman, you underestimate me.

BARNFATHER: Heh, even if you can make a drug conspiracy case against Mahoney, you're talking about six
to twelve months of work.

INGRAM: I don't have any problem taking the time to do a case right. In fact, we've had a wire in
Mahoney's home and his office phones for three months.

KELLERMAN: Three months?

LEWIS: What'd you hear?

BORDERS: It's like you said. You know Luther. I'm afraid the taps haven't given us much of anything.

GIARDELLO: Look, Luther Mahoney is killing people. On my shift alone I've got nine open murders tied
to the man. The other shifts had four.

BARNFATHER: What are you suggesting, Al?

GIARDELLO: Send in the undercover and keep the shipment. Just give Mahoney a half a kilo of bacon soda
and see what happens.

STIVERS: You're saying we should give Luther a bad package and just wait?

GIARDELLO: If nothing happens then you bust Antonio Brookdale for attempted possesion. But I have a
feeling, if you sell Luther Mahoney bacon soda, something's gonna happen.

INGRAM: I don't think my office is gonna be comfortable distributing heroin.

LEWIS: Heh heh.

INGRAM: Even if it is fake.

GIARDELLO: Then my office is not gonna spend another six months with Mahoney on the street. Now what's
the worst that can happen?

INGRAM: Half a kilo dope that isn't dope? Angry gangsters, angry addicts? The worst is beyond my
ability to comprehend it.

GIARDELLO: I don't know. I want Luther Mahoney.

LEWIS: Well, you gotta admit. If we pull this off, we're gonna rock Luther's world.


TIM BAYLISS comes in and walks up to Pembleton, who is writing at his desk.

BAYLISS: Rader case?

PEMBLETON: Yes, prosecution report. This daughter's name, is that Billie spelled with a "y" or an


PEMBLETON: "Ie". Oh, like Billie Holiday?

BAYLISS: Yeah, like Billie Holiday.

Munch walks up to Howard's desk.

MUNCH: You should have taken that call, Kay.

HOWARD: Oh yeah?

MUNCH: Guy on the other end, Laszlo DeLeon, a.k.a. Punchy. Stanley put him away in eighty-seven. He
says he's got info on an old murder case, including the whereabouts of the body, and an I.D. on who
done it. He's gonna hand me the whole shabang. Open and shut.

HOWARD: Oh yeah, what's the catch?

MUNCH: No catch, no consequences. Just another case in black under my name. A case, I might add, which
could have been yours.

HOWARD: Forget, Munch, they're all mine. Red and black. Besides...

MUNCH: Besides what?

HOWARD: Well, I'll be willing to bet today's lunch tab that Punchy DeLeon wants something.

MUNCH: Is everything a competition with you, Kay? Maybe this is a closed case, you should be happy for

Munch walks out through the door.


Borders is putting the bacon soda eggs into a bag. Lewis, Stivers and the undercover agent are also

LEWIS: What exactly are you gonna say to Mahoney's people? They're expecting Agboye.

AGENT: Hm. I'm gonna tell them Agboye's too sick to complete the delivery. After swallowing so many
eggs, it's not too hard to believe, you know?

STIVERS: Well, I'll say this much, you do look Nigerian.

AGENT: Yeah? Actually, I'm from Ohio. Spent the last ten years in the DEA Field Office in Detroit.

LEWIS: What's the capital of Nigeria?

AGENT: Lagos.

LEWIS: What's the capital of Ohio?

Borders gives the bag to the undercover agent. He looks at one of the eggs.

BORDERS: Seven hundred and forty grams of bonita, kinin and good old armored hammin' bacon soda. And
just a base of morphine base in case they try to run a chemical quick test on it.

AGENT (with Nigerian accent): "Mr. Mahoney, the package is in." Not bad, huh?


Images of barb wire.


Munch is waiting for DeLeon, who walks into the room on the other side of a fence, together with a
female guard.

DELEON: Detective Munch, sorry to keep you waiting. Can I get you anything? Eh, some coffee? How about
some scotch? (To the guard) Eh, bring us a bottle of Johnnie Walker, will ya?

MUNCH: What do you want, mr. DeLeon?

DELEON: Punchy!

MUNCH: What do you want?

DELEON: I never said I wanted anything. I said I've got information.

MUNCH: About a murder?

DELEON: About a murder. And since you drove all the way out here to see me, I assume you're

MUNCH: I could be. I just wanna make sure we have an understanding. You're handing me a closed case?
You're gonna tell me where the body's buried, who put it there, and you don't want anything in
exchange? No private cell, no parole hearing? You know, I checked your file, Punchy. You stabbed Sam
Noonan, you're doing ten to fifteen for manslaughter.

DELEON: But I get out today. Did you ever go to Pimlico, detective?

MUNCH: For pleasure, just once.

DELEON: Then you know that moment.

MUNCH: That moment when you lose three weeks pay in less than an hour, and you want to jump off the
nearest tall building? Yeah, I know that moment.

DELEON: Not that moment. The moment when the gun goes off. Pow! And the thoroughbreds fly out of the
gate. Freedom! That's what I wanna feel when I get out of this hellhole. You ask what I want? I wanna
give you the lowdown on this murder, so I can have my clean start. You got a pen?

MUNCH: Yeah...

DELEON: In october of nineteen-eighty-seven, a man by the name of Jimmy "The Shirt" Pugliese was shot
twice in the head and buried under the parking lot of Pimlico.

MUNCH: Under the parking lot?

DELEON: Section C.

MUNCH: You've been in here since eighty-seven. How do I know this is for real?

DELEON: Pugliese. P-U-G-L-I-E-S-E.

MUNCH: And the killer is...?

DELEON: Find the body, detective, and the rest will follow.

A signal sounds meaning that their time to talk is up. DeLeon gets up from his chair.

DELEON: See you at the track?




The undercover agent walks across the Brookdale's car lot going towards the office. A man sitting in a
car with a walkie talkie watches him.

MAN: Antonio, heads up! Someone's coming!

BROOKDALE: Who is it?

MAN: I don't know. Don't recognise the man.

The agent opens the door to the office and walks in. We watch through a window as he gives Antonio
Brookdale his bag. Several other men are in the office as well. Brookdale gives one of them the bag.


BROOKDALE: Go check this out.

The man with the bag walks out of the office.

BROOKDALE: Who the hell are you?

AGENT (Nigerian accent): D'Bo!

BROOKDALE: The what?


BROOKDALE: Yeah, whatever. Where is Joseph at?

AGENT: Ah, he's very sick. Bad stomach.

BROOKDALE: Yeah. Shipment this large, he probably gonna be eating light for a while.

AGENT: Very sick.

The man comes back with the bag and gives it to Brookdale.

BROOKDALE: How's it look?

The man nods. Brookdale turns and looks at the agent.

BROOKDALE: What you waiting for? A tip? You good, get out! See ya! Sucker!

The agent walks out of the office. Brookdale makes a call.


Luther Mahoney is laying in his bed, smoking. A woman is laying next to him. The phone rings. The
woman gives it to him, and he answers.

MAHONEY: What's up, is up?

We hear Brookdale's voice on the other end of the line.

BROOKDALE: Eh, yo. It's me with the good news.


Lewis, Kellerman, Stivers and Borders are listening to the phone conversation. Borders is wearing

BROOKDALE: You know, like I'm talking to my broker. He said that one company you were telling me

MAHONEY: Yeah, I know it.

BROOKDALE: He thinks they went for it. He thinks we should, you know, buy low and sell high.


Mahoney is sitting on the side of the bed with the phone.

MAHONEY: Alright, then.


The phone conversation has ended. Borders takes off the earphones.

BORDERS: Well, that's something. We've been listening to these guys talking about the stock market for
three months already.

KELLERMAN: Now you know for sure. Only these people are really pricing the down thirty.

STIVERS: Still, there's nothing in that conversation we can take into court.

LEWIS: Wait. I've got a feeling Luther's gonna be a little less cautious once the bottom falls out.





Giardello walks into his office. Munch and Howard are already there.

GIARDELLO: Munch, why did you do this to me?

MUNCH: Do what, Gee? The guy came clean, I'm just telling you what he said.

HOWARD: And you think he's telling you the truth?

MUNCH: Punchy DeLeon has no reason to lie, I don't think. Besides, this is our job, isn't it? We hear
about a body, we can't just let it lay there. We gotta at least take a look.

GIARDELLO: I hope you've got a good shovel!

MUNCH: Come on, Gee.

GIARDELLO: Do you know how much this is gonna cost, to dig up an entire parking lot?

MUNCH: Not the whole lot. Section C.

HOWARD: Is there a "Missing Persons"-report on this Pugliese?

MUNCH: No, but I did pull the arrest record on the guy. Mostly gambling and misdemeanors. Which ended
abruptly in October of eighty-seven, the same month my source says the guy got shot.


GIARDELLO: Alright, give Bolander a call. Find out what he remembers about Punchy DeLeon. If I'm gonna
talk to Barnfather about bulldozers, I wanna make sure that we are not being bulldozed. I wanna know
we're gonna strike gold.

Giardello opens the door for Munch.

MUNCH: California, here we come.

GIARDELLO: Call Stanley.

Munch walks out into the squadroom and goes to his desk. He sits down and dials Bolander's number.

MUNCH: Hello, Stan? It's John.


MUNCH: John Munch!


P.O.V. BRODIE'S CAMERA Through the black-and-white lens of Brodie's camera we see that Munch has
started to dig up the lot. There are bulldozers and diggers everywhere. Munch sits on the ground,
wearing a safety helmet.

BRODIE: Ah, I don't know, Munch. You sure you got the right parking lot?

MUNCH: Shut up, Brodie!


BRODIE: Why couldn't this be Africa? Or Egypt?

MUNCH: What?

BRODIE: My whole life, you know, I wanted to go work for National Geographic. You know, go along on
a... archaeological expedition. How cool would it have been to shoot over Mary Leakey's shoulder when
she unearth Australopithecus.

Giardello arrives.

GIARDELLO: I wanna see bones!

MUNCH: We're not done here yet, Gee!

GIARDELLO: You haven't found the body? Tell me again, what exactly did Stanley say about Punchy

MUNCH: He said that Punchy was a stand-up guy.


MUNCH: He said he was working another angle on the Noonan murder, and DeLeon came forward and
confessed. Stan thinks that DeLeon is a guy we can trust.


MUNCH: As much as we can trust any of the lying sons of bitches.

GIARDELLO: You see, that's the part didn't tell me!

MUNCH: This is Stanley Bolander talking, Gee! Bolander, the crankiest man on the planet!

GIARDELLO: No, he's not the crankiest man on the planet, I am!

MUNCH: How can I forget?

GIARDELLO: Now the only thing you're digging up is a bigger hole in the annual budget. Now find... (to
Brodie who is filming them) cut it out! (to Munch) ...find Punchy DeLeon. Get an explanation to why
our goldmine dried up. In the meantime I'll be barricading myself in the office, hiding from the

One of the diggers walks up to Munch.

DIGGER: All done in section C, detective. Any place else you want us to dig?

MUNCH: Yeah, right here, six feet. Cover me over. Unmarked grave.

P.O.V. BRODIE'S CAMERA Filming the ground where Munch is standing.


Pembleton walks up to Bayliss who is pouring coffee into a cup.

PEMBLETON: I've finished the prosecution report on the Rader case. Wanna put a signature on here?


Bayliss takes up a pen and signs the report.

PEMBLETON: We worked well together on that case. In my opinion.

BAYLISS: Yeah. We sure did.

Bayliss takes his cup and walks away. Pembleton follows.

PEMBLETON: So what do you think?

BAYLISS: About what?

PEMBLETON: About us. About working together. About being partners again.

They sit down at a table.

BAYLISS: Well, is that what you want? Because from what you said a few weeks ago, ah, you weren't so
hot on this partnering-up-together-again.

PEMBLETON: I changed my mind.


PEMBLETON: So... are we partners or are we not partners?

BAYLISS: Sure... Frank. Okay.

They both sit silently and drink their coffee.


Munch walks up to DeLeon, standing at the racetrack railing.

DELEON: I just watched eight races, downed twelve ounces of Johnnie Walker, two crabcakes and won
sixteen-hundred dollars. You missed a heck of a day, detective.

MUNCH: I was busy.

DELEON: Digging for Jimmy?

MUNCH: Wasting my time! There was no body under that lot, there was no... Jimmy "The Shirt" Pugliese
buried there!

DELEON: You're sure you checked section C? I... I specifically told you, section C.

Munch gives him a look.

DELEON: Bastards must have moved the body!

MUNCH: Which bastards are they, mr. DeLeon? Who killed Pugliese?

DELEON: The truth? I know that he's dead, I don't know who killed him.

MUNCH: Oh... First I think I'm handed a done deal, both the victim and the shooter. Now, all of a
sudden, I have nothing.

DELEON: You will soon, just bear with me.

MUNCH: Forget about it, DeLeon. Whoever this Pugliese is, wherever he is, I say let him lie.

DELEON: I can't do that.

MUNCH: Sure you can. What do you care whether I find him or not?

DELEON: Jimmy Pugliese was my mentor. We met right here, at Pimlico, when I was an eighteen year old
kid. I had a five dollar bill in my hand. Jimmy comes up to me and whispers in my ear, "Put in on
Cherokee Wonder to place second". The odds against Cherokee were eleven to one. My wife, Francis, I
bought her an engagement ring with the money I made that day. Jimmy lived less than a month after I
left for Jessup. Before I get on with my life, I wanna give my friend a proper funeral. You'll help me
do that, detective, won't you?

Munch sighs.


Stivers walks into a hallway, where she meets Lewis. She gives him his coat and hat.

STIVERS: Hey. Here's your coat, your hat, let's go.

LEWIS: Where to?

STIVERS: D.E.A. wire tap. I told Borders we'd take the first shift. He and Kellerman are gonna relieve
us in the morning.

LEWIS: Ho-ho-hold on, hold on, hold on!


LEWIS: We got time.

STIVERS: Maybe, maybe not.

LEWIS: What, you're afraid we're gonna miss the fireworks?

STIVERS: Look, if Luther gets on the line, I wanna be listening, that's all.

LEWIS: Come on, you know your business better than I do. Luther's only had his package, what, three
hours? It's still gotta be cut down, stepped on, bagged up. It's gonna be midnight before them
double-star bags hit the boulevard.

STIVERS: Right, and another couple of hours before the slingers hear back from the phenes, and Mahoney
hears back from the slingers. You're probably right, the stuff won't start happening until the early
a.m., but, we need to be there anyway, right? Just in case?

LEWIS: Just in case, huh?

STIVERS: Yeah, come on.

LEWIS: Uh-huh, just in case?


LEWIS: You and me, surveilling in moon light, glowing in the dark. Huh? Headsets on, listening for the
calm before the storm.

STIVERS: And what a storm it be.



As the music starts playing, we pan over the rooftops.


A car drives along the street and stops at a house.


Stivers and Lewis are listening for phone calls. Stivers throws a strawberry up in the air and catches
it in her mouth.


The man driving the car gets out with a bag in his arms, and walks into the house.


Lewis also tries to catch a strawberry in his mouth, but it lands on his face.


The man with the bag walks up some stairs and goes into a room filled with people sitting around a
table. He opens the bag and takes out the small bags of fake heroin. The men around the table starts
weighing it, mixing it and putting into small double-star packages.


A kid on a bicycle tolls up to a garbage can, where he throws a bag full of double-star packages. A
man picks the bag up and runs into an alley.


Lewis finds Stivers sleeping at the table and kicks her chair so that she wakes up.


A large group of young men attack two dealers.



Lewis and Stivers are sleeping up against each other, sitting at the desk. Kellerman and Borders opens
the door.

KELLERMAN: Why the hell should I get the sergeant's exam? Sergeants just make you work overtime.

BORDERS: Right, I see what you say.

They see Lewis and Stivers sleeping. Kellerman looks at them in disbelief. Borders laughs. They walk
up to the desk.


Stivers wakes up and gets out of her chair quickly. Lewis continues sleeping.

BORDERS: We can come back if you two want some privacy.

Lewis wakes up slowly.

STIVERS: No, we just... ah...

KELLERMAN: Right! Right! Of course! Absolutely!

LEWIS: What? What? What? What? No! Be for real!



Kellerman holds up a cupcake.


STIVERS: No, no. Thank you.

KELLERMAN (to Lewis): Honey bun?

LEWIS: Not unless you have one with the face of mother Teresa on it.

KELLERMAN: The face of mother Teresa?

LEWIS: Yeah, that coffee shop in... aaah... what... Tennessee! What, you never watch the news,

Borders gives Lewis a cup of coffee.

BORDERS: Here, prince Charming.

LEWIS: Thanks.

He gives it to Stivers.

LEWIS: Here you go.

He gets his cup from Borders.

KELLERMAN: Any phone traffic?

LEWIS: Not a call.

KELLERMAN: Well, you guys are relieved anyway.

A signal sounds.

BORDERS: Mahoney's home phone.

Lewis starts the tape recorder.


Mahoney is laying in bed with a woman. The phone rings, and he picks it up.

MAHONEY: Hello! Hello.


BROKKDALE: Man, Luther! That stock is down, way down!


MAHONEY: What you talking about?


Lewis, Borders, Stivers and Kellerman are listening to the call.

BROOKDALE: I'm saying it was on the billboard at twenty-five. Now you can pick it up for a dollar.

MAHONEY: Antonio...


Mahoney sits up.

MAHONEY: ...you checked it, right? You checked the price and raise on the stock before you bought it?


BROOKDALE: Yeah, I gave it the quick test!


BROOKDALE: You know.

MAHONEY: What I'm always telling you?

BROOKDALE: Man, Luther, this stuff's always been the best, every time it comes in.

MAHONEY: Let me ask you something else.

Mahoney lights a cigarett and stands up.

MAHONEY: You think me a fool?


BROOKDALE: Nah, man!


MAHONEY: Yes, you do!

Mahoney walks into his bathroom.

MAHONEY: You think you're pulling a fast one on country ass Luther, right?


BROOKDALE: Come on, Luther, it ain't even about that!


Mahoney looks at himself in the bathroom mirror.

MAHONEY: Who do you love most in this world, Antonio? Huh?


BROOKDALE: What do you mean...?


MAHONEY: I'm asking you... who it is... that you love most in this world?



MAHONEY: That's nice.


MAHONEY: I swear to God, if you messed up my stock purchase, I will drop both your black asses in the
same shoveled grave.


BROOKDALE: Luther, man, I'm telling you this stuff is stepped on by someone! My people are telling me
it ain't feeling right in the pen.


MAHONEY: Will you shut up, man?! I'm on the phone!


Lewis, Kellerman, Borders and Stivers laugh and applaud. We hear the sound of Mahoney hanging up the

KELLERMAN: Listen to him! Listen to him! He's wetting his pants!

We hear the sound of Mahoney dialing a number.

BORDERS: Wait, wait, wait! This one's outgoing!

We hear the phone call.


MAHONEY: Nathan? What the hell's going on!?

NATHAN: What are you talking about?

MAHONEY: My stuff ain't right! Are you trying to whore me, or what!?


Triple cut of Mahoney slamming the phone into the sink.


KELLERMAN: This is awful! Luther's been cheated! Poor guy!

LEWIS: Hah hah hah! He's on the edge of depression!

STIVERS: Cheers!

LEWIS: To Joseph Agboye!

STIVERS: Agboye!

LEWIS: Agboye!

They make a toast with their coffee cups.



Mahoney looks at himself in the mirror, truly furious.





Lewis, Kellerman and Stivers are talking to Giardello.

KELLERMAN: I'm telling you, Gee, Luther Mahoney is one unhappy drugdealer.

GIARDELLO: He's showing a strain, huh?

LEWIS: Like he's never shown before, Gee. He's panicky.

STIVERS: Yeah, for one thing, he's using the phone. We caught him and his people twice on the wire
taps talking openly about drugs.

KELLERMAN: Luther can't figure out if the Nigerians sold him garbage, or if one of his lieutenants is
trying to run a scam on him.

LEWIS: And the beauty of it is, he sold half his bad package wholesale to some other drug
organisations. He's got half the East Side dealers looking for a cash refund.

GIARDELLO: So what's next with poor Luther?

STIVERS: Well, from the wire tap we know he wants a face-to-face with Antonio Brookdale and the

LEWIS: But Brookdale's scared to death with Luther. He wants meeting in a public spot. Druid Hill
Park, reservoir, high noon.

GIARDELLO: And we have that covered?

KELLERMAN: Oh yeah, we're all over it. The feds got a surveillance set up in a highrise right across
the park. We bring Brodie, get the whole thing on tape.



NAOMI: Bayliss, line one.

Bayliss sits at his desk.

BAYLISS: Alright.

He picks up the phone.

BAYLISS: Yeah, Bayliss.

He listens.

BAYLISS: No. No, I can't. (pause) Because I'm at work, that's why. (sigh) Okay, I'll be right there.

He hangs up the phone. Giardello walks through the squadroom. Munch sits at his desk with his hands to
his face.

GIARDELLO: Hey, Munch?

Giardello points at his clock.

GIARDELLO: Have a conscience.

Giardello walks into his office and closes the door. Howard walks up to Munch's desk.

HOWARD: How's it going, Munch?

MUNCH: I already got Gee throwing thunderballs! I don't need your smug "I told you so".

HOWARD: That's alright. I came over to offer my help, but hey...

She starts walking away.

MUNCH: Wait, wait. I'm sorry, Kay. I can't find Pugliese!

HOWARD: That's your victim, right?

MUNCH: Yes. But... whoever killed him left no track of him behind.

HOWARD: You got nothing?

MUNCH: As far as I can tell, no one in the state of Maryland knows what became of him.

HOWARD: You called Woodlon?


HOWARD: Ah, talk to somebody in Organised Crime, maybe they got something on Pugliese?

MUNCH: Come on, this is Baltimore, not the south side of Chicago, Kay. DeLeon and Pugelise aren't
mobsters, they're wannabees. I ask about them, the feds will laugh at my face.

HOWARD: Doesn't everybody?

Howard walks away. Munch gets up from his chair.

MUNCH: Hey! You think I'm some kind of clown? You say I'm funny? I'm here to amuse you? I make you
laugh? Huh? Huh?


We see the park overhead, and then pan over to Kellerman, Brodie and Stivers who are standing inside
the highrise overlooking the park. Brodie has his camera set up.

KELLERMAN: You got videotape in the camera, right?

BRODIE: You know, that... that's insulting. I'm a professional. Of course I got tape in the camera.

Stivers talks into a radio.

STIVERS: Sixty-four thirty?

We hear Lewis through the radio.

LEWIS: Sixty-four thirty unit. Go ahead.

STIVERS: You got a line of sight?

LEWIS: Not really...


Lewis sits in a car, talking into the radio.

LEWIS: ...but if we move in any closer it's gonna be too obvious. How about it, sixty-four twenty?


Borders and another officer sits in their car in another part of the park. Borders talks into his

BORDERS: Sixty-four twenty. Yeah, it's the same on this side.

STIVERS: That's too bad.

BORDERS: Yeah, you people in the highrise are gonna have to be the eyes on this thing.

STIVERS: We'll tell you what we see.


Munch hangs up the phone. Another phone rings and Pembleton answers it.

PEMBLETON: Ah, Homicide, Pembleton. (pause) Ah.

He turns around to look for Bayliss who isn't at his desk. He sighs and turns to his desk again.

PEMBLETON: Right. On our way.

He hangs up the phone and gets up from his chair.

PEMBLETON: You seen Bayliss?

Munch is putting on his coat.

MUNCH: No, Frank.

PEMBLETON: Hey, Naomi, you seen Bayliss?

NAOMI: He left a while ago.

PEMBLETON: Say where he was going?


Pembleton puts on his hat, takes his coat, and walks out of the squadroom. Munch sees Howard.

MUNCH: Hey, sarge. I got some good news and some bad news.

HOWARD: I don't wanna hear anymore about Pugliese. I gave you my advice, you chose to ignore it.

MUNCH: See, that's where you're wrong, I didn't. I called over to Woodlon, I spoke to an agent
Frolich. It seems they were working a money laundrying case over in Aberdeen, and Pugliese was a side
player. The bad news is they lost track of him in eighty-four when the case went sour.

HOWARD: The good news is...?

MUNCH: The good news is this agent Frolich kept a file out on one of Pugliese's old girlfriends, a
Dorothy Fallon, thirty-eight years old. She lives in Catonsville.

HOWARD: You're gonna go see her?

MUNCH: On my way.


George sits in front of the TV, coughing. Bayliss walks in through the door with a couple of grocery
bags in his hands. He looks at George, and then goes into the kitchen with the bags.

BAYLISS: At least you've got some groceries now. (pause) Alright?

He puts the bags into the refrigerator. He walks into the livingroom again.

BAYLISS: I'm going. (pause) Going back to work.

George looks at him and shakes.

BAYLISS: Goodbye.

Bayliss walks to the door. He closes his eyes for a couple of seconds and then turns around.

BAYLISS: How do you like your eggs?

He walks towards the kitchen again?



Stivers is watching as Mahoney's car drives up to the plaza.

STIVERS: Okay, Luther's early. No sign of the others.

Mahoney's car parks.


Munch drives up in front of a house. He gets out of the car, walks up the stairs and knocks on the
door. A woman opens it.

MUNCH: Dorothy Fallon?

WOMAN: I'm Dorothy, yeah.

MUNCH: Detective John Munch, Homicide unit, I was hoping to talk to you about one Jimmy "The Shirt"
Pugliese. I understand you knew each other?

FALLON: Homicide? That's for dead people, isn't it?

MUNCH: I know it was a long time ago, but I was hoping that we could talk...

A voice is heard from inside the house.

VOICE: Come inside, Dorothy!

FALLON: But, Jimmy! He said...

A man steps into the hall.

MUNCH: Jimmy? Are you Jimmy Pugliese?

PUGLIESE: Get off my porch!

MUNCH: Punchy said you were dead.

PUGLIESE: I don't know anyone named Punchy, now get off my porch.

MUNCH: I just wanna talk to you for a minute.

PUGLIESE: Look, come back when you've got a warrant.

MUNCH: I just want to...

Pugliese slams the door shut.


Munch gets in the car and drives away, just as DeLeon drives up and parks.


DeLeon knocks on the door.

PUGLIESE: It's not gonna work, buster. I told you to come back when you've got a warr...

Pugliese opens the door and sees DeLeon. He becomes silent.

DELEON: Hello, Jimmy.


Stivers watches through binoculars. Two parents and a kid are playing with a ball.

FATHER: Come on, grab the ball.

A black car drives up, we hear Stivers voice over the radio.

STIVERS: Okay, here we go. There's a black Sedan. Looks like... Antonio Brookdale. And he's alone.

A white car drives up to the same place.

STIVERS: And right on time. This must be the Nigerians. Looks like three of them, in a white Lexus.

Brookdale and the Nigerians get out of their cars and start walking towards each other.

STIVERS: Yes! The gang's all here!

Mahoney and one of his men get out of his car.

MAHONEY: Talk to me! What you looking at, man? I'm the one talking! Tell me what I wanna hear!

BROOKDALE (pointing toward a Nigerian): Well, he is right there!

MAHONEY: Well, talk to me, man! What's up?

NIGERIAN: What my people sent you was good. They always send you good product.

MAHONEY: It was garbage.

NIGERIAN: When it gets to Hong Kong, it's good. When it goes to Amsterdam, it's good. When it comes
here, to you, it's good, Luther!

BROOKDALE: The package was all cut, Luther.

MAHONEY: Why didn't you test it?

BROOKDALE: I gave it the quick test! But, damn, this stuff had always been right before!

NIGERIAN: That's what I'm saying! If it wasn't good, it was tempered, it'd go back to the courir, no
questions asked!

MAHONEY: If it was garbage, you could have sent it back. But you didn't. You're a lying fool.

BROOKDALE: Luther, I ain't lying...

MAHONEY: Shut up! Shut the hell up! You have no idea what it takes to do what I've done. Man, you
can't even begin to see the effort, the will, the risk in bringing package, after package, after
package of that stuff and putting it on the corners! And squeezing out every last dollar!


MAHONEY: Man! Yeah, I'm the man! Shut up! Shut the hell up!


Kellerman, Brodie and Stivers are watching.

KELLERMAN: Well, they're getting into it.


Lewis sits in his car, watching.

STIVERS (over radio): Luther looks a little stressed.


Mahoney goes close to Brookdale, shouting.

MAHONEY: Do you know where heroin comes from, Antonio? Do you? From the Triangle! From... from Burma!
That's halfway around the planet, a world away! And where the hell do you come from?

BROOKDALE: Say what?

MAHONEY: Where do you come from, Antonio?

BROOKDALE: Park Heights.

MAHONEY: I had to go halfway around the planet for my package. But I can go to Park Heights, and I can
get three more just like you tomorrow.

BROOKDALE: Look, this ain't right, Luther, man. You know this...

MAHONEY: Give me... my money...

Brookdale becomes angry.

BROOKDALE: Well, the hell with you! I've been with you from the jump, man. You gonna try and whore me
like this? To hell with you! I don't need this! I'm out, man! Ain't got time for all this!

Brookdale starts walking away. Mahoney stretches out his hand towards his gorilla.


The gorilla hands Mahoney a gun.


Stivers, Brodie and Kellerman are watching.

BRODIE: A gun!

STIVERS (into radio): Gun! Luther's got a gun!


Lewis sits in his Cavalier.

LEWIS: Go! Go!

The Cavalier drives away.


Mahoney is pointing the gun at Brookdale's back.

MAHONEY: Yo! Turn around! Turn around and die like a man, you bitch!

Brookdale tries to cover behind one of the cars. Mahoney fires the gun several times and hits
Brookdale and the mother of the kid playing with the ball. Lewis drives towards the plaza.


Brodie watches as Kellerman and Stivers run towards the plaza.


Mahoney stands over Brookdale's body.

MAHONEY: Your moms is next.

He looks up and sees people standing around the body of the woman he shot.

KID: No! No! Mommy, mommy!

Mahoney runs towards the black Ford Explorer and drives away. We see Kellerman and Stivers running and
Lewis driving up to the plaza at the same time. The polices arrest the Nigerians. Lewis looks at
Brookdale's body and runs away.

MALE VOICE (V.O.): Sixty-four forty to KGA. Shots fired at Druid Hill Park south entrance. Two down.
Request two ambos at the south entrance of the park.


Brodie hears the radio.

FEMALE VOICE: Sixty-four forty, ten four.

MALE VOICE: Sixty-four forty, also requesting a lookout to all districts in connection with the double
shooting. Seeking a black nineteen-ninety-seven Ford Explorer with unknown plates. The suspect is
believed to be armed.


The police is arresting the Nigerians and Mahoney's people. Lewis kicks in a window of a Cavalier in
rage. Kellerman tries to calm him down.

LEWIS: Get off of me!


STIVERS: Meldrick! Where are you going?

Lewis gets in the Cavalier. Kellerman tries to talk to him.

LEWIS: Get off!

Lewis drives off. Kellerman runs towards another Cavalier.

STIVERS: Meldrick, where are you going?


They drive off in another Cavalier.





Munch walks around, Howard listens while sitting at a table.

MUNCH: I think I'm losing my mind. First Punchy says that Pugliese is dead. So we dig up the parking
lot of Pimlico, no Pugliese. Then Punchy begs me to find Pugliese, so I look for Pugliese. I find
Pugliese, only Pugliese is not dead! Then I go back to Pimlico, no Punchy...

HOWARD: Munch...

MUNCH: What?

HOWARD: I just, please, I wanna ask you a question.

Munch sits down at the table.

MUNCH: What?

HOWARD: Do we have a homicide here or not?

MUNCH: I don't know. I don't know anything anymore. You have to help me, Kay.

HOWARD: Okay, alright. Is Punchy DeLeon alive?


HOWARD: Is Jimmy Pugliese alive?


HOWARD: Then there is no murder. My advice, relax, forget the entire incident.

Howard rises from the table.

MUNCH: But how can I...?

HOWARD: I said, drop it! I will talk to Gee, find some excuse for Barnfather. But as far as you are
concerned, the whole fiasco never even happened.

Kay walks away.

MUNCH: Halleluja! Thank you, sarge!


SECRETARY: Munch, there's a Dorothy Fallon here to see you. She says that...

Fallon runs in.

FALLON: Jimmy's gone!

MUNCH: He's what?

FALLON: He's gone! He left with Punchy! Punchy DeLeon! You gotta find him! Please!

Munch gets up.

MUNCH: Okay, you stay here, miss Fallon. I'll call you as soon as we find something out.

HOWARD: Where are you going?

MUNCH: I'm going to Pimlico parking lot, section C!

He leaves the room.


Punchy walks up to Munch who is standing on the newly fixed ground of section C.

DELEON: I'm glad you showed up, detective. I just wanted to thank you.

MUNCH: Is Jimmy "The Shirt" where I think he is?

DELEON: He wasn't an easy man to find. I couldn't have done this without your help.

MUNCH: I played the horse to your jockey, huh? You rode me ride to the finish line, didn't you?

DELEON: I suppose I did, but I wouldn't be so hard on myself, eh, detective, you know... It was all
done in the name of justice.

MUNCH: Justice?

DELEON: Pugliese killed Sam Noonan.

MUNCH: Yeah, sure, right. I'm not gonna believe any more of your lies, Punchy. You killed Noonan.

DELEON: That's what we wanted everyone to think, but that's not the way it was. Jimmy caught Sam
pilfering funds and stabbed him in the throat. I went to your friend Bolander and confessed. We had an
agreement, you see. I take the rap for Jimmy, and in exchange, Jimmy would provide for my wife and

MUNCH: You did ten years for him?

DELEON: I wasn't in there more then ten days before Pugliese dropped out of the picture. Frances was
left with no one to provide for her and Punchy Junior. She was my whole life, that woman. Don't get me
wrong, I love horses, but, you know, Frances and the kid, they were the reason I agreed to take the
rap. Once Pugliese broke his word, Frances went to work for MeatCheese, waiting tables. She held on
for almost three years. I love Frances, but she wasn't a strong woman. One day... she told me she just
couldn't make it on her own any more. She married one of the maitredees. I hear she's living up in
Wilmington now.

MUNCH: You know I gotta take you in.

DELEON: Ten years is a long time, detective. A decade of my life locked up for a murder I didn't
commit. Now I have commited a murder, but I've served my time. That's gotta count for something, don't


Lewis drives up to a police car watching the front, with a uniform sitting in it. They talk through
open car windows.

LEWIS: A black nineteen-ninety-seven Ford Explorer?

UNIFORM: Yeah, we got that from the broadcast. Nothing like it so far.

LEWIS: You got somebody down the garage entrance?

UNIFORM: There's a garage?

Lewis looks at him and then drives down to the garage entrance. He stops at a gate, and talks to the
radio sitting here.

MALE VOICE: Can I help you?

LEWIS: Police! Open up!

VOICE: Police?

LEWIS: Baltimore City Homicide, open the damn gate!

VOICE: Could you please bring some identification to the front desk?

LEWIS: No problem!

Lewis drives through the gate into the garage. He sees the Ford Explorer, stops, and gets out of the


Mahoney opens his safe and starts looking inside it. Lewis comes in and points his gun at him.

LEWIS: Get away from the safe, Luther!

Luther continues.

LEWIS: I said, get away from the safe!

Lewis fires a shot at the safe. Mahoney stands up and raises his hands in the air. Lewis points his
gun at him.

LEWIS: Ah? See, I'm not playing around here.

MAHONEY: Lewis...

LEWIS: I'm a good cop, Luther. I'm a honest cop. And that means I've got standards.

MAHONEY: I'm not armed.

LEWIS: Never beat on a man half your size, people won't think it's a fair fight.

MAHONEY: I'm surrendering.

LEWIS: Never put an ass-whooping on a man unless you're damn sure he got it coming to him.

MAHONEY: Detective...

LEWIS: You see, I'm gonna be beating on you for a little while, Luther.

MAHONEY: You're crazy, Lewis.

LEWIS: I'm crazy? Let me just ask you something. No, no, let me tell you something. I've been a cop
for a long time. The drugs out there, we ain't gonna win that. There's a hundred open air drug markets
in this city. And there's fifty thousand drug phenes out there. And we are taking on human desire with
lawyers, and jail houses, and lock-ups. And you and I both know, that human desire is kicking us in
the ass.

Lewis puts his gun into it's holster and takes off his coat.

LEWIS: So what I need to know, Luther. Why couldn't you be happy with just the packages, huh? If it
were just slinging drugs, me and you wouldn't be here, would we? But the bodies...

Cuts to names in black on the Board: COPELAND, REED, PHIPPS. Cut back to the apartment.

LEWIS: What about the bodies, Luther?

More names in black: ROH, MATHIAS C, MATHIAS M, MATHIAS Y, PINDELL, NOVAK. Cut back to the apartment.
Lewis beats Mahoney to the ground and kicks him.

LEWIS: What... is up... with them?!

More names in black: TROY, BROOKDALE, JULIAN. Cut back to the apartment.

Lewis kicks Mahoney several times.


Kellerman and Stivers drive up to the uniform in the car and talk to him.

KELLERMAN: Seen Lewis from Homicide?

UNIFORM: The black guy with the attitude and the hat?

STIVERS: That's him.

UNIFORM: He's watching the garage.

Kellerman and Stivers drive away.


They drive down into the garage.


Lewis beats and kicks Mahoney while he talks to him.

LEWIS: You got half the corners... in East Baltimore! And still you gonna shoot an old man for chasing
your big boys from in front of his place of business!

Lewis smashes Mahoney's head into the safe.

LEWIS: You care a lot more about your ghosts, than you care about your money, Luther! Then my question
to you... where the hell do you carry it, huh? You want some more? Come on, man!

Mahoney crawls up against Lewis and takes his gun from it's holster. He then throws himself backwards
and gets up on his feet, holding Lewis at gunpoint. He is now very bloody.


Mahoney puts a bullet in the chamber of the gun and points it at Lewis.

MAHONEY: Back up! You a good cop now, huh?! Huh?! You a good cop?! You're just another ghost.

Kellerman and Stivers enters the room with their guns raised against Mahoney.

KELLERMAN: Drop it! I'm aiming right at your head, Luther. Drop the gun! Drop it! Drop it now.

Mahoney lowers the gun and laughs.

MAHONEY: What you going to do, detective? Read me my rights?

Mahoney laughs. Kellerman walks towards him slowly.

KELLERMAN: You have the right to remain silent...

Kellerman shoots Mahoney in the chest. Mahoney drops the gun and falls to the floor. Kellerman walks
up to him and bends over him.

KELLERMAN: Hey, Luther? Huh? Before you die on me... I wanna let you know something. We switched your

Mahoney dies. Kellerman gets up and looks at Lewis and Stivers.

KELLERMAN: Anyone got a problem?



Stivers sighs and shakes her head. Two uniforms come into the room.

KELLERMAN: Get an ambulance, and call the duty officer. It's a police involved shooting.

Flash cut from Luther's dead, bloody face to...


Giardello stands waiting as Lewis, Stivers and Kellerman walks in.

GIARDELLO: What happened?

Kellerman clears his throat.

GIARDELLO: What happened?

KELLERMAN: Luther put a gun on my partner so I lit him up.

LEWIS: Clean shooting, Gee.

GIARDELLO: As simple as that?

KELLERMAN: Yeah. It's that simple.

Kellerman puts a cigarett in his mouth and lights it.

GIARDELLO: Meldrick, you okay with this? You wanna talk it through...?

LEWIS: Put a shooting team on it, Gee. We'll give them my report.

GIARDELLO: Mike, you wanna talk with someone about this?

KELLERMAN: No. I'm good.



Mahoney's body is wheeled out on a gurney and picked up by an ambulance.


Howard and Munch waits while they dig up the lot.

DIGGER: I got him, I got him!

They walk over and see Pugliese's face sticking up through the ground. They look at each other and


Two uniforms pick up DeLeon, while Munch watches.


A hand writes PUGLIESE in black on the Board.


Stivers walks around thinking. She hits the elevator button with her fist.


A hand writes MAHONEY in black on the Board. Kellerman and Lewis write their reports. They look at
each other and then continue writing.




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