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January 25, 2001

oh, my nose

As I write this, I've got a bad bad cold. The last two days I survived by simply taking some generic sinus meds from the first aid cabinet at work. Today I took Tylenol Cold & Flu (non-drowsy formula, natch) and I'm still feeling like crap. So either the meds aren't worth a darn or I'm sicker or *something*. Feh.

I've got chills! Aches and pains! And a painful sinus headache! (and all that goes along with it). Slight sore throat now, too.

I'm counting the minutes 'til I can go home and drink a big glass of "Double Vitamin C" orange juice (in the hopes that it'll cure me), take a hot bath, and then crawl under my rocketship-flannel-covered down comforter, never to wake again.

Oh alright, I'll probably drag myself out of bed to work somehow on Friday.

All this is my way of spreading joy. Or boring you to tears.

Or maybe explaining why I've not updated this weblog much since when I'm not staring at the screen to do work, I generally just want to put my head down on my desk. Or if I'm at home, I don't want to be looking at my computer. It also explains why I'm slower than usual at responding to emails, and so on. Still doing the the d*mn tv picks which I hope some folks appreciate. (I know, the world's smallest violin is now playing just for me . . . ).

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 12:22 AM

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I hope you feel better soon!!!! I hate being sick SO much... Try some other kinds of drugs, maybe - like Contact Non-Drowsy or Dayquill - each of them do something different to my colds, and so I'm still trying to figure out which is best at fighting it!

BTW, I'm one of those who definately enjoys and appreciates your tv picks!!!

Posted by: kristine at January 25, 2001 02:59 PM

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The various combinations of drugs in each cold med can stump me sometimes, I'll be standing in that aisle at Target for ages trying to find the drug that seems the right match for my specific symptoms.

And I'm glad you read (and enjoy) my TV picks . . . I do enjoy doing them, but I get crabby about it sometimes because for the amount of work I put into 'em, it seems like I rarely hear from people about them. And I'm rarely linked to, etc. Sometimes it really gets me down (like on days when I have a cold and would rather sleep than write up picks).

Posted by: Laurel at January 25, 2001 03:25 PM

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