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January 26, 2001

music music music

So I had fun at The Fine Line the other night where I saw Lojo Russo & Funks Grove yet again (I've lost count of how many times I've seen them). They'll be playing Kierans next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday which should be . . . interesting (since they aren't an irish band, really, though various members have played in irish bands).

Meanwhile, it sounds like the new Flash Girls album is nearing completion (woohoo!). Yes, there's been a little bit of discussion about it on signal-to-noise (the Flash Girls mailing list).

The Tim Malloys continue to have regular gigs at the Half Time Rec in St. Paul and Kierans in Minneapolis, they'll also be opening for Boiled in Lead at their 18th annual St. Patrick's Day concert at First Avenue.

And Ken Larson, who used to be in Gallowglass, has a new album out with Peter Yeates.

These all do relate to each other. Once upon a time I thought I should make a chart on a webpage to explain it all. Lojo once played in the band Cats Laughing along with Adam Stemple (who is in Boiled in Lead and The Tim Malloys) and Emma Bull (who is one of the Flash Girls) and Steve Brust (who has written songs for Boiled in Lead). Lojo also used to be in Gallowglass Irish Trio with Ken Larson. And Lojo is part of Mogganauff with the Fabulous Lorraine Garland (another of the Flash Girls). Of course there are other connections, but it makes my head hurt. Methinks Lojo would be a hub on that there webpage . . .

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