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January 22, 2001

good deal

I love a good bargain.

Just noticed that one of the DVDs on my wish list was on sale for 40% off at amazon.com, so I went and bought it for myself. Ahhhh.

It's Cat Ballou [IMDB Entry]. I fell in love with it as a youngster, before I learned to dislike Jane Fonda. Ahem. Lee Marvin

is fabulous, of course. And I love the narration and tunes by Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye. It's just a fun, fun movie.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 11:42 PM

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Hey, Cat Ballou was #50 on the AFI 100 Funniest list (and thus, just got made fun of on the Internet Film Laser Squad's list that you linked to a couple days ago)!

It all coheres.

Posted by: Monty at January 23, 2001 09:28 PM

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