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October 11 - 14
"Oh, hell, what's the point? To even bother reviewing a show like Shasta McNasty is pointless, because its target audience can't read. You either love it -- in which case, please don't have children -- or you don't." --Greg Knauss

Another excellent column from Jon Carroll, this one's re cell phone rage.

And TV lovers can't miss this column. I laughed out loud, I did.

* * *

Oh. My. God. (as seen in a recent Backfence column).

* * *

A reader wrote asking me about the TV series Frank's Place-- it's another show that I loved when it was around. But I've not seen it since it originally aired. Missed it when it was rerun on some cable network or another. And I've not been able to find any websites devoted to it. Anyone know of any? For that matter, anyone have any tapes of it? I'll get my video want list online one of these days, as well as a list of what I have available to trade.

* * *

You read James Lileks' daily bleat daily, don't you?:

But itís still a perfect fall - the porch is still alive with blooming flowers; one flower decided to cast a contrary vote, and is producing a dozen fresh blossoms. This could all change in a day - one cold snap kills color fast. Fall is your preview of old age - the direction of things is indisputable, but everything moves at a different pace, and the most alarming changes have their own curious compensations. When you wake one morning and find the mums frosted with ice and fresh snow, thereís a specific beauty to those blasted blossoms, and a reminder of something you knew all along:

It always comes back to this.


* * *

It's my Dad's birthday today (Thursday, Oct 14)-- Happy Birthday to Richard Krahn-- just in case he or anyone he knows is reading this. And just 'cuz.

We already had a family dinner kindof thing to celebrate over the weekend when my brother was in town, but I think today we're gonna go see The Iron Giant again to celebrate. (My Dad saw it with me opening day, actually, but he said then he wouldn't mind seeing it again . . . and my Mom hasn't seen it yet. So off we go. In the family car. No wait, I think we'll be driving separately, but I just felt moved to say the family car).

* * *

I love cool t-shirts. Especially geeky t-shirts. I really like this one.

(I like my t-shirts big-- size XL or XXL-- I mention it in case anyone out there ever wants to send me spiff shirts. A girl can dream . . . ).

* * *

Continuing the theme of gone, but not forgotten TV shows . . . I like the Tales of the Gold Monkey website @ goldmonkey.com, of course. And I'm amused by this part of the welcome message:

Action, drama, comedy, romance...and a one-eyed, talking dog! Yes, folks, it's Tales of the Gold Monkey, that cult classic from that totally bitchin' period known as the early '80s. You remember the high-flying adventures of Jake Cutter, TV's best answer to Indiana Jones. You watched it. You liked it. Oh, yes you did! Otherwise, you wouldn't be here, would you? The odds are you're part of that generation that "came of age" (God, I hate that phrase) in the early '80s. You listened to Duran Duran and Men at Work, wore your collar up, moussed your hair and had a collection of buttons (you know, those stupid pins you put on your jacket, your purse, etc.). And you used to watch Gold Monkey 'cause it was wicked cool. Don't be ashamed. Be proud. Be strong. Just keep repeating "Yeah, I liked Tales of the Gold Monkey. You got a problem with that?!" Don't you feel better?

How did she know? Oh wait, am I saying this out loud?

(For the record, I never moussed my hair. Thought about it. But no).

* * *

A good piece by Sarah Vowell about music, covers, and other things:

I once made a pact with myself that I wasn't going to buy any new records until I figured out the ones I had. That was until I realized the thing I liked about Charlie Parker or Laurie Anderson was that at some pure deep level, their music couldn't be figured out. There isn't some all-purpose passkey that unlocks their meaning.

The song around which I formed my eternal-mystery theory was not some illegible bebop map or a question mark from "Big Science." The song that hammered home the notion that listening to good music was like watching a quiz show without cue cards was from a genre not known for its elliptical subtleties -- Dixieland. Specifically, it was Louis Armstrong doing that old dirge, "St. James Infirmary."

'Course I love the song "St. James Infirmary," but I never found it mysterious . . .

* * *

Are you going to be in/near Minneapolis for Halloween weekend? Do you like science fiction? Read fanzines? Hang out in rec.arts.sf.fandom? Enjoy good food, good people, good music, and much silliness?

You might enjoy attending the Minnesota Science Fiction Society's Fallcon-- our annual relaxacon type thingie. This year it's also a Ditto, which I'm told is a way-fun, way-cool relaxacon for fanzine fans. Registration deadline is October 15th, though of course memberships will be available at the door. Details on the linked webpages. You can also see a list of members (thus far) and a list of reasons to attend ditto 12 in Mpls.

And yeah, I'll be going and plan to send in money this week. Will be cool to see so many out-of-town fans there and to meet some for the first time even. And to see the usual local suspects (some of whom aren't on the list yet. What're you waiting for? Ahem. Go. It'll be fun).

The folks running the con are finest kind so I expect a fabulous con.

* * *

I miss Nowhere Man. If it seems I'm rambling about TV shows that are off the air a lot lately, I can't help it. Maybe it's 'cuz I'm disappointed in most of the new shows. Maybe I'm missing Newsradio, Deep Space Nine, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Homicide-- that's a lotta TV-loss to deal with.

Nowhere Man was cool. Alas, it only lasted a season. Sigh. We'll never know what really was going on. (You have to love a show that people still argue about-- there's much to analyze there, that's for darn sure). If only some cable network would air reruns of the show (paging sci-fi channel, come in sci-fi channel . . . ).

Sometimes I stop by alt.tv.nowhere-man and I smile when I see that creator/producer Larry Hertzog still posts there. And that people are still talking about the show.

Sometimes I download episodes and I often consider ordering the darn CD. I still want to get the episodes on tape, of course. And yeah, I sometimes check out the fan pages and the campaigns to get the show back on the air somehow.

* * *

Another reminder: Moxy Früvous on Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien Tuesday night! Whee! Good chance for all you folks who wonder who the heck these guys are I keep raving about to check 'em out. And if you know the band, of course you'll be watching. I can't wait. Whee!

* * *

Excellent article in the L.A. Times about Aaron Sorkin and how he's managing (or isn't managing) juggling Sports Night and The West Wing. Long article, well-worth reading. Many bits I could quote, but I'll let you find 'em yourself.

* * *

I found three episodes of Cupid when sorting videotapes this weekend. Sigh. Such a good show. Sigh. I wish it were still on the air. At least I still have some episodes to look forward to-- since I haven't seen 'em all yet.

If you're like me, wishing it were still around, you can console yourself (a little) by reading three scripts for the show by series creator Rob Thomas. Alas, they were never filmed.

The Columbia/Tri-Star website for Cupid still exists. You can even still download a screensaver, pix, etc. You might also visit the Ultimate TV Listing for the show to find other links and stuff.

* * *

I love Sports Night. I'd forgotten just how much I love the show until I started sorting videotapes and happened upon a few episodes from last season. This, of course, sent me searching for more episodes (to no avail, thus far). And then the show finally had it's season premiere and it's still darn good. Is it possible to love a TV show? I suppose so. Can't wait 'til Tuesday.

Eric Mink is also in love with the show, this article talks of the season premiere and says good things about the second episode of this season, too (I can't wait!). If you're a fan of the show, it's a must. If you aren't a fan of the show-- the article makes a compelling case.

Open Directory Listing for Sports Night pages

Excellent! A page of Sports Night scripts and transcripts. Including some early versions of scripts (that differ from what aired).

* * *

Check out a great picture of some castmembers of China Beach ten years later at an impromptu reunion party. With a description by Dana Delaney. Boy do I miss that show. Wish I had it on tape and that reruns would air again sometime soon.

* * *

Transcript of the episode "Night of the Dead Living" has been added to the Homicide scripts webpage.

* * *

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