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September 20 - 25
"I'm Lutheran, emotions in general frighten me." -- William H. Macy

Sick and tired, tired and sick so I've been offline a lot and therefore haven't had a chance to find the usual selection of links for you all. If you're new to this weblog, I hope you'll check out previous editions (see the links to the left) and stick around. And I hope you fabulous regular readers stick around, too. Hope to be back full speed next week (if not sooner).

Check out the links listed in the sidebar to the left, too. All are recommended.

Oh yeah. Go see The Iron Giant and American Beauty if you haven't yet. They're both classics, IMHO. Especially the former, but the latter's made quite the lasting impression on me, too.

* * *

More on plans for a Homicide: Life on the Street TV movie:

Fontana and his partner, Barry Levinson, are working with NBC to produce a made-for-TV movie that will include all the detectives who ever graced the Baltimore squad room from Ned Beatty, Jon Polito, Daniel Baldwin and Melissa Leo, to Andre Braugher and Kyle Secor.

"It's not easy, because a lot of people are working on other jobs, but we're hoping that we can work around conflicts to have everybody back in a 'Homicide' movie-of-the-week," he [Tom Fontana] said.

Woohoo! Script will be written by Fontana, Jim Yoshimura, and Eric Overmeyer. Good news, hopefully. Filming will begin in late November or early December, most likely. They want to wait 'til shooting of The Corner is finished so they can use many of those folks (many of whom worked on HLotS).

You know I joke about hating Tom Fontana, but I actually like the guy (well, at least some of the time):

If a film is made, it will be in Baltimore?

"No, I thought we'd do it on a back lot in Burbank to get a more authentic feel," said Fontana, laughing. "I'm kidding. You have to do it Baltimore."

* * *

Heh. Of course someone's MiSTed The Eye of Argon {via Screenshot].

* * *

Joyce Millman article about David E. Kelley. Sigh. I agree with some of it, of course, but I think she's a bit too hard on Ally McBeal and even Chicago Hope (I quite liked the first season of the show, even with the sermons). I'm worried that Snoops will be bad and that Kelley may have spread himself too thin this year, of course. One of these days I really will write up a lengthier piece about Kelley or at the very least about Ally McBeal. There are things I don't like about the show, of course, but I think many are far too hard on it-- they don't get it.

Oh yeah, many season and series premieres this week. My take on things TV, as usual, on the TV Picks page.

* * *

The Iron Giant released to video on November 23rd with a big marketing campaign (link submitted by a couple of people, also spied elsewhere):

The new marketing campaign, reported to dwarf the theatrical efforts, will feature new package art and spread across print, broadcast, online and in-store arenas.

The DVD will feature a 22-minute making-of docu, musicvid by Eddie Platt, trailer and biographies, as well as posters, puzzles, screen savers and links to chat rooms and bulletin boards on the Web.

Good news, but I still urge you to see it in a theater if you can. Honest. It's a classic. You'll kick yourself later if you never see it on a big screen.

* * *

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson: Woohoo!

Moxy Früvous plays tonight (Tuesday) at The Fine Line in Minneapolis. I'll be there, with any luck (car willing and like that).

Don't know Moxy Fruvous? They're this cool band from Canada (yet another in a series, collect the whole set). How do I describe 'em? Well, there are four guys in the band-- all of 'em sing. They do great pop tunes. And they're also funny (though some songs aren't). Best way to get hooked on them? See a live show or check out their album Live Noise. A visit to their official website should also give you plenty of info, too.

Live Noise is one of my favorite albums of the last however many years it's been out.

Anyway, if you ever get a chance to see them in person-- go! You won't be disappointed and you'll likely (assuming the trend continues) return from the show a fan.

* * *

Lots of new TV shows premiering, but no new X-Files episodes until Halloween. Grrr. So I watch tapes and visit websites . . .

The X-Files In-Jokes List is fun. Really good site with interesting content if you're interested in that kind of thing.

The website for The Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic has moved and also has a new design. I found I was three (!) newsletters behind, but now I'm caught up. Fun reading if you're X-Files and/or Scully-obsessed. Er. Not that I am. No. Of course not. Ahem. Anyway. Oh. Be wary.

* * *

You knew it had to happen, didn't you?

The Jar-Jargonizer: Now you can surf the web just like Jar Jar Binks does! (or something).

* * *

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