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Why a Web Log?

It's a list of links. Collection of Quotations. With recommendations and reviews thrown in the mix. Maybe it even veers into journal territory from time to time. Yeah, it's my web log.

When I spied my first web log, I realized that I had to keep one. Okay, I realized I already did keep one, often my rambles on my main web page or via email to friends consist of quotations from web documents and links. Many of these things aren't long enough to merit their own webpage, but I feel I need to quote or comment more than is generally required in bookmark files or pages o' links.

This Web Log focuses on my interests, obviously, and reflects the kinds of sites I visit (or I hear about from friends). You'll likely find lots of references to TV and movies and other entertainment media. And to music, of course. Humor. Net.stuff. Science Fiction. Books. Reviews. Essays. Pop culture. Software. Hardware. Toys. My favorite bits from mailing lists, usenet, magazines, fanzines, and the web. Plenty of other stuff. Eclectic? Me? Obviously.

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