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June 13, 2004

Yahoo! picks TVPicks.net

Imagine my surprise (and joy) when Yahoo! named TVPicks.net their Pick of the Day on May 25, 2004. And they wrote up a very nice little review, too. Gotta love being called "entertaining" and "timely" and "incisive"! Go me! Yahoo for Yahoo!

And yeah, it did bring a lot of traffic to the TV Picks, which was/is a very good thing. Word has never really gotten out about the site quite as much as I feel it should.

Some other nifty sites did link to my my fall 2004 schedule grid preview which is very cool (since I put a lot of work into that and think it's a very useful thing).

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Don't forget that mention at The National Enquirer.

Posted by: Kevin G. Austin at June 23, 2004 10:28 PM

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