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June 13, 2004

testing . . . is this thing on?

Once upon a time, I had one of the weblogs that was updated most frequently during the day. I'd break news (or a least quirky links). Folks would have a hard time keeping up with me.

But since starting ye old TV Picks, my focus really has shifted over there. And then I started a Livejournal a few years back and it just seems easier to dash notes off there (maybe because I use a journal client?).

So this poor weblog hasn't been regularly updated in ages. Bad me. Or "too busy" me. I used to hand code this weblog, and then I used Blogger and then Greymatter and then Movable Type. Funny how that changes perception of ease when posting.

I'm playing around with a weblog client for the first time, it's called ecto and I hope maybe using a client will result in my posting more often.

If nothing else, I want to add sidebar links here to the RSS data coming from my journal and my TV Picks so anyone coming here can see that I really do update my websites frequently. Just not this page!

I'm very out of it when it comes to the "weblog scene," I just haven't kept up with most weblogs (even the ones I love). It's changed a lot since I first started this weblog in 1998.

Watch out for falling plaster; I definitely need to dust off these pages if I'm gonna start updating again regularly. Change some things around, maybe redesign a bit. I should probably upgrade Movable Type or else try yet another tool-- I'm open to recommendations, y'all.

So what's up? How've you been? Anything interesting going on in the "blogosphere"? And what's up with that word? Jeez. I still remember the first time anyone called a weblog a "blog" and how I explained that "blog" is punch and "weblog" sounds so much better when it's not abbreviated and . . . clearly, I lost that battle. Not that it was ever really a battle.

Life was simpler when there were only 30 or 40 weblogs to read.

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Woohoo! Welcome back! A client definitely does make things easier. I'm using Blosxom (http://www.blosxom.com) myself because it's easy, has a small footprint, and is highly configurable.

Posted by: Jen at June 13, 2004 12:23 PM

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