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March 09, 2002

buffy second season dvd

Details about the second season Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD set are now online and you can pre-order it from amazon.com and elsewhere.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 06:54 PM

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Do the US releases have the same brain-dead packaging? Over here, season 2 was released with each disc stored in a very, very tight stiff cardboard envelope, and a lot of buyers found that merely extracting the disc once would scuff it so badly that it's ruined.

The sole advantage of being based in the UK Buffy-wise is that we're a couple of seasons ahead of the US DVD-wise. (We're up to season 3, with season 4 out in May.) Then again, you guys get to see the original broadcasts ahead of the UK, so I suppose overall you win. (But I wonder which of us will get to see Ripper/The Watcher first?) :-)

It looks as if the US release is very similar content-wise to the Region 2 release. I'm currently re-watching season 2, having recently splashed out on seasons 1-3 on DVD as a birthday treat to myself, and I can highly recommend the DVD release. Having the chance to watch consecutive episodes without waiting a week really brings home just how strong the writing is, and how nicely the story arc develops over a season. (I'm just up to Halloween, so season 2 is about to get interesting.) It's also fun to spot some of the characters who show up later in their early appearances - I've spotted Jonathan a couple of times, and I'd completely forgotten that he showed up so early. Add the nice extras and the sound and picture quality of the DVD release, and you've got a very desirable package.

The only problem with the DVD release is that once you've started it's very hard to stop buying DVDs.

Posted by: John at March 11, 2002 02:21 PM

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