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March 01, 2002


Another example of why I've been linking to James Lileks' website for as long as he's had one:

More cell phones means less pay phones, and as much as we all hate people shouting into their little pieces of face-lego, I like having my own personal phone. Itís one of those Star Trek predictions that became true without you noticing it, until one day you realized - hey, I have a communicator. (I built my own as a kid out of household detritus - a little sewing kit box with a hinge on the side, a coaster for the mouthpiece, etc. I was ten. We did not have officially licensed merchandise in those days. You wanted a phaser, you stole a brick from a construction project and carved one out. You wanted to make your mom a Yeoman Rand hairpiece, you got a lampshade, braided some boiled spaghetti, put it on the lampshade with glue, spray painted it canary yellow, and then insisted she wore it to church. We were hardy then. )

I like this whole Bleat actually. People may link like crazy to his screeds, but I seem to be fondest of the warm or especially geeky Bleats.

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