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January 08, 2002

one ring

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 05:47 PM

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My favorites were frodo's and Legolas's diarys. Frodo was absolutely clueless! But why did you make them all gay? Never mind, who cares, as long as it's funny. You should make a diary for Galadriel. I can imagine her saying: "Tried to put foot in little blue-eyed hobbits breeches. Did not succeed. Think he got wrong idea, gave extra pair of breeches to me."

Posted by: Pervy Hobbit fancier at February 22, 2003 07:52 PM

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sorry if dis iz wrong guyz, but like, dis site told me elijahs email add, dunno if itz true! pls dun b mad at me if it isnt...ejwsw@hotmail.com

Posted by: jeunesse at April 7, 2003 01:14 AM

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