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December 02, 2001

mighty big tv x-files

Remember when The X-Files was good? And then it was still kinda good? Now . . . not so much. Well, I'm not watching tonight's episode (I'm recording it to watch later, though), so maybe I'm missing a comeback episode (yeah roight). But the two-part season opener was just nonsensical and dreadful.

Frankly, if you want good TV at 8pm on Sunday nights, you should be watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent or maybe Alias. But if you can't completely let go of The X-Files, I feel your pain.

Thank God for Jessica's recaps of the show at Mighty Big TV. The recap of last week's episode is fabulous. Love this:

If I were writing for The X-Files today, I wouldn't use any phraseology that might remind viewers of The Good Old Days. Speaking of, whatever happened to all those clones? I don't mean the Eves from "Eve," I mean the Samantha clones. With the bees? Whatever happened with the bees? And the bio-genetically altered corn oil? Did America's love affair with olive oil render the corn oil plan unsuccessful, and that's why we're moving into fiddling with the water supply? Whoops, we aren't supposed to know that yet. Forget what I just said.

And here's my absolute favorite part, that had me laughing out loud with tears in my eyes:

"What were they doing?" Doggett asks. "Preparing the water supply," Xena tells him. Well, naturally. Please, let's throw something else into the mix here. Clones, alien replicants, alien bounty hunters, gray aliens, green aliens, the Syndicate, the bees, the black oil, the black oil worms, the alien babies in jars, abductions, mysterious cancers, people being brought back from the dead, impossible pregnancies, giant spaceships covered in Navajo writing, super-soldiers. Yes, let's add something else to that list! Water! Screwed-up water! I wonder what else we'll get before the end of the season? Unstoppable flying monkeys, designed to transport mutated ova from lab to lab? Genetically-altered cheeseburgers, designed to transform the meat-eaters of the world into an army of brain-dead drones, leaving the vegetarians to rule the planet? What?

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 08:56 PM

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Awful when the comments about the show are soo much better than the show.

Posted by: Larry at December 3, 2001 05:38 PM

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