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December 02, 2001

george harrison

Of course I've thought about writing something here about George Harrison, but I'm not sure my comments would be all that interesting. He was my favorite Beatle, though I used to sometimes wonder if I didn't settle on him years ago just to be contrary, since most people named John or Paul. But truth be told, I always appreciated George's wit, his guitar-playing, his songs, and the fact that he wasn't so flashy as the others. He was extremely talented, funny, and a good sport. Maybe he didn't write as many or as memorable of songs as those two other guys (few, if any, ever have), but he wrote some great songs (which is more than most can say) and the Beatles wouldn't have been the Beatles, wouldn't have sounded like the Beatles we know and love without him.

"Here Comes the Sun" is just one of George Harrison's many contributions that I'm grateful for. I've vivid memories of listening to someone play that as the sun rose one Easter morning years ago; a whole group of us singing along after having been up together all night at a party (this was at Minicon, of course). Thanks, George.

I quite like what Monty had to say about George, too.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 01:46 PM

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