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February 27, 2001

when rituals collide

Each year I look forward to St. Patrick's Day. It's not because I'm irish (I ain't), but because I've been going to Boiled in Lead's annual show at First Avenue for years and years. I've lost track of how many shows I've seen (and how many I've had to miss, darnit). But this will be the 18th St. Patrick's Day show for BiL. The Tim Malloys will open for 'em, the Minnesota Pipes & Drums will do their thing (as always), and I will dance and dance and dance (or at least bounce in place a lot).

Each year I also look forward to the Minnesota Science Fiction Society Pool Party. It's an annual gathering of science fiction fans, where we basically hang out. Eat, drink, and be merry. And play music. I'm told some people actually go into the hotel pool or hottub, but I'm usually too busy catching up with friends. Or listening to other friends play music 'til the wee hours of the morning.

This year, the Pool Party is on St. Patrick's Day, which is a little maddening because I can't be two places at once and so will miss part of the party. But I think it'll all work out for the best-- I'll go to the BiL show, and then hit the Pool Party for a music party 'til the wee hours. And some of my friends will be at both events, of course. And folks who are coming from out of town will be able to do both on the same weekend, too.

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