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February 27, 2001

awwww: congrats

Yay! Hearty congratulations to Steve and Lynn on their plans to get married.

Now This and Medley are two of my favorite weblogs and I've always enjoyed corresponding with Steve and Lynn (even though sometimes I'm lousy at responding to email!) and have appreciated their many kind words about my little weblog over the years.

P.J. flattered me by listing Windowseat as his inspiration, and by listing Windowseat alongside Now This and Medley. I hadn't realized where it would lead . . . I'm feeling a little left out! ;-p

I've done the online relationship thing-- heck, I've been doing it since before there were webpages, back when most of my friends were folks I met online via BBSes (or Q-link or Compuserve). I've done the long distance net.relationship thing and I've seen it work amazingly well and not-so-well (for myself and for others).

It's a strange world. Some of my friends are amused when I've joked that I don't know how the non-online world works as far as dating is concerned. I'm used to knowing someone *before* I meet them, so I've already got opinions of them long before appearance becomes part of the equation. It's hard for me to grok how people would use appearance as a deciding factor on whether to get to know someone. If that makes sense. Yeah, I grew up online. Does it show?

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