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January 15, 2001


A cool new website launched today, it's plastic.com. What's it about? It's a site from Automatic Media which is the folks behind suck, feed, and alt culture.

It's kindof a slashdotty webloggy affair. With different sections. The Vidiots of teevee.org edit the TV section of the site. nerve handles the sex section, Wired News the tech section, etc. Other contributors/editors include folks from Inside, Movieline, Spin, Gamers.com, NetSlaves, Modern Humorist, and The New Republic.

I beta-tested the site a bit this weekend and I've already contributed two stories to the TV section and posted a couple of comments.

I'm not entirely sold on the design and I'm sure there may still be bugs to work out. But there's promise here, I think.

Will the site be cool? Will it work? Much depends on whether people show up and contribute. So have at it, eh?

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 12:10 AM

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