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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

when worlds collide

Longtime readers of this weblog will remember that in the early early days, two of the sites I linked to most frequently were Lileks.com and Roker.com. I read the journals by James Lileks and Al Roker daily and often found cool stuff on their sites to link to.

So when I read that Al Roker would be visiting the home of James Lileks to do a show for the Food Network, I yelped "worlds are colliding!" to my boyfriend (who happened to be in the next room). Here's James' account of the day (complete with a few pictures).

Yes, I'm sure I'll mention when the show airs over at TVPicks.net.

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Friday, December 6, 2002

amazon portal

I made myself a spiffy amazon.com portal page. Big search box. Links to all the stuff I use at amazon.com the most. To my fave categories of DVDs, Books, and Music. Etc. May add more stuff later. Feel free to use it or bookmark it or link to it if you find it useful.

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