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Monday, March 3, 2003

finally some cool tv articles in city pages

Picked up a copy of City Pages (Twin Cities alternative weekly paper) for the first time in ages today and was pleasantly surprised to see an article by my pal Lisa Schmeiser in it. It's titled "Work It" and is about how office romances are portrayed on TV. At least a couple other pieces by Lisa have appeared in City Pages, too. And, of course, she also writes cool stuff for TeeVee.org and does recaps of C.S.I. and C.S.I. Miami over at Television Without Pity. I'm pretty sure she holds down a dayjob, too. And I thought I was busy with these wacky websites. Anyway. Lisa rocks. And it's always cool when you're reading a publication and stumble across a friend's byline.

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* * *

coveting audrey

This has me wishing I'd bought an Audrey or two when they were selling 'em cheap at various retailers. I always thought they were cute. It seems like I maybe got a glance of one not that long ago somewhere. Hmmm. Perhaps I should look around. I want a yellow one 'cuz it's such a happy color. Would be fun to play with (via/at curiousLee).

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Saturday, March 1, 2003

Homicide on DVD

A while back I updated the Homicide: Life on the Street Video FAQ with information about the forthcoming Season 1 & 2 DVD set.

There's not much to tell other than a release date (May 27th) and that it's going to happen. But you can sign up on the video FAQ page to be notified as soon as I have any more information.

And if you're a fan of Homicide and you've never visited my Homicide site or haven't in a while-- it's still there. I even dusted off parts of it the other day.

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* * *

david boreanaz as . . . superman?!?

Surely they jest. It's a joke, right?

According to UK's Hello Magazine and Daily Express, David Boreanaz, star of The WB's Angel, has signed a three-picture deal to star in three Superman films for Warner Brothers and director Brett Ratner.

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* * *

if it's march, it must be time for some irish music

Boiled in Lead celebrates their 20th anniversary at First Avenue in Minneapolis this St. Patrick's Day. Wow. 20 St. Patrick's Day shows at FirstAve; I think I've been to 8 or so of 'em, maybe more. The Tim Malloys, Folk Underground, and the Minnesota Pipes & Drums will open the show. Former BiL members Todd Menton and Josef Kessler will be special guests (and other former bandmembers and associates are likely to show up, too). Should be big fun.

Folk Underground is the Fabulous Lorraine's new band. You may know Lorraine as one of those Flash Girls or from her gig as Neil Gaiman's personal assistant (I just know she's fabulous).

The Tim Malloys are a popular irish bar band who play frequently in the Twin Cities area. Some of you may also know Adam Stemple from Boiled in Lead or Cats Laughing or 'cuz Jane Yolen's his Mom. He's in the band along with John Sjogren and Neil Johnston. Anyway, they just put mp3s of all the songs from their out-of-print first album on their website. Click on the song titles. It's a rough live album circa 1997.

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* * *

alien dance

Alien Dance. Like Hamster Dance, but with aliens (yes, I'm stating the obvious). (via The Presurfer)

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* * *

belated thanks and links to family photos

This is the journal entry from the night before my Grandpa Olson died. It's full of pictures of me with him and other family members. I never linked directly to the entry from this weblog, so wanted to do that now.

And this entry has a picture of me on a beach near Destin, Florida with my Grandpa Krahn.

I'm eager to put more pictures up (especially the really old ones of my Grandpa Krahn as a teenager. Or of my Dad as a kid. Or me as a goofy kid, for that matter).

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote or send positive vibes my way during January-- it really was the longest month of my life. And I appreciated every kindness more than I can say. I was too overwhelmed to write back or say much at the time.

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