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December 6 - 10
Bayliss: "So you're a homicide detective and your brother is an undertaker. Between the two of you, the holiday dinner table must be a riot."
Munch: "Just one life affirming story after another."
- from Homicide: Life on the Street

A friend emailed me the URL for Mighty Big TV and I'm glad they did. Funny recaps of TV shows. I like those. And now I see Pop Culture Junk Mail has a link to a funny recap of the ER Turkey day episode. (It's hilarious). I'm thinkin' the Third Watch recaps oughta be amusing. But then so's the show. Ahem. (Bosco!) (It has to be said any time Third Watch (Bosco!) is mentioned).

* * *

If you buy Jonatha Brooke's new live CD from her website, she'll autograph it for you. ('Course that's often true . . . if you order Jane Siberry's stuff from Sheeba, she'll usually sign stuff if you ask nicely).

(Can you tell I'm just getting back into music after most of my energy's been soaked up by web and tv stuff in recent years? Now I just gotta get out to more shows and find time to listen to more stuff . . . )

* * *

Download a couple of holiday tunes in MP3 format from/by Ms. Jane Siberry. She's got some RealAudio clips available, too (on the holiday page). You can download other Siberry MP3s including remixes of her songs.

* * *

You gotta read this. A 96-year-old man has been dining at Dayton's Oak Grill for lunch every day for more than 60 years. And ordering the same thing:

How consistent is he? The restaurant's computerized order system includes a button for "the Wendell Erickson." Servers often punch it twice, whenever Erickson's guest says, "I'll have what Wendell is having."

* * *


John Wesley Harding has released Dynablob 3! Wheee!

Oh, sorry. Where was I? Anyway. John Wesley Harding is one of my favorite songwriters and performers and his Dynablob releases are way-cool selections of previously unreleased stuff-- or in this case, it's a live show. For the fan club, mainly. And "Windowseat" is one of the songs on the record, even. Excellent. Order it from Wes, you know you want to. Or check out his major label releases at fine record stores everywhere.

The FAQ at the official website has been updated, with a new inventory of what's on Wes' desk (ah, minutia). The outside links page has also been updated, as has the discography.

* * *

I don't think I've plugged The Ectophiles Guide to Good Music lately, it's an invaluable resource. Much good music is represented there, especially ecto stuff, of course. (You'll have to go to the page to figure out what "ecto" means 'cuz I'd take too long explaining it).

* * *

Yikes! YesterdayLand has lots and lots of info about lots of scary old TV shows and other things.

* * *

O Zephyr Winds that Blow on High, Lift Me Now so that I can Fly!

Secrets of Isis Fan Page
Secrets of Isis Unofficial Page
And yet another page.


[I'm refraining from commenting lest I give away the fact that I watched these as a very young, very impressionable child.]

* * *

Somebody better stop me before I order Due South merchandise. I swear, I'm givin' all my money to Canadians these days.

* * *

Excellent! Holly Cole has a website and she even has rare and Canadian-only releases available there for online ordering to the U.S. and other places that aren't Canada.

Two of the recordings are Christmas ones . . . the fabulous and infamous Count Your Blessings live recording with music from Holly Cole, Rebecca Jenkins, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Jane Siberry, and Victoria Williams. As well as Holly Cole's four-song holiday EP.

I just ordered a few things that I've been hunting for for ages, which I didn't wanna pay big import prices on.

Huh. I knew I'd heard a Holly Cole song in the one episode of Family Law I watched, turns out she may have tunes featured in 12 (!) episodes. Excellent. It figures since Paul Haggis is one of the folks behind the series; he used a bunch of Canadian artists and celtic ones in Due South and EZ Streets. And Cole appeared on Due South, of course.

* * *

If some of these links seem like reruns, they may very well be. In conversation at a Minnesota Science Fiction Society party/meeting this weekend, I promised to send a heap of different URLs to a number of friends. Being the lazy sort, I'm making this section of this week's weblog especially for my fannish friends of Minn-stf.

* * *

Cool Mac Software:

LiteSwitch takes Windows-like Alt-Tab program switching a step or two further and allowed you to hit another key to quit or hide the selected app. Hiding is really handy on a Mac when the screen gets cluttered with windows. Quitting and switching is really handy too, of course.

Look Mom, No Hands gives you Ctrl-click (or right-click as Windows folks like myself think of it) functionality when you hold the mouse button down. Hands free! Yes!

iCab is a neat little Mac web browser, it's small and fast. Not quite on a par with Opera yet, it's still pretty cool. I like being able to tile or stack my browser windows, but then I'm used to using Opera with Windows and having at least 6 windows open at all times.

Panic software makes "software that rocks". For once a slogan tells the truth. Their Transmit app is the best FTP client for the Mac (IMHO). Audion is really cool for listening to CDs, MP3s, or streaming audio. And Linkpad is handy if you're often emailed URLs you wanna check out a bit later. Cool stuff.

CalcStrip is handy if you like easy access to a calculator, this is a control strip module.

* * *

More fun than should be allowed with action figures: Alien Ice Pictures Presents website-- a must see if you like action figures and/or The X-Files or just plain funny stuff.

* * *

Sick of dancing hamsters? Try Hamster Blast.

* * *

The Imagine Radio URL now points to SonicNet. I still haven't tried setting up my own station . . . someday, when I have time.

* * *

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