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Thursday, April 27, 2000

I'm still swamped with work and housework and so forgive me if updates are irregular and all about the same kindof thing (i.e. stuff that I can post off the top of my head without visiting any new sites. I've no time for websurfing 'til next week, I think).
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* * *

Emma Bull will be returning to Minnesota to record a third Flash Girls album with the Fabulous Lorraine Garland. Produced by Adam Stemple. With some vocals by Jane Yolen. And drums by Steve Brust. And all the usual suspects with any luck.

There'll be a Flash Girls reunion concert at Convergence and I'm painfully torn because I have plans to be at the Winnipeg Folk Festival that weekend. There's a chance the Flash Girls will do another show after I return from Winnipeg, I'm gonna hold them to that.
posted at 11:36 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

I survived Minicon. This is a good thing. It went by way too fast and I didn't to every event I wanted to get to. Nor to talk with everyone I wanted to talk with. Or to meet everyone who I know online who was there. Drat. I'll likely be experiencing a bit of post-convention depression.

The panels I was on went pretty well. And I saw plenty of local and non-local friends. Heard a lot of really good music. (Hey Chuck! You haven't lived 'til you've sat four feet away from Todd Menton and Adam Stemple as they play Boiled in Lead tunes or Zevon's "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner"). Too little sleep, too much fun, all that jazz.
posted at 11:31 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

You can bid on a signed copy of the Minicon 34 Restaurant Guide by Karen Cooper and Bruce Schneier on eBay. Hugo-nominated! It's a fabulous guide to Minneapolis area restaurants, but it's also an entertaining read even if you aren't interested in Mpls restaurants (honest!). I know the seller, I was there when Bruce and Karen signed it. It's way-cool.
posted at 11:20 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Cool! Some cool folks I know have been nominated for Hugo Awards:
Karen Cooper and Bruce Schneier for their wonderful Minicon 34 Restaurant Guide (in the Related Book category)
Neil Gaiman for Sandman: The Dream Hunters (also in the Related Book category)
Lois McMaster Bujold for A Civil Campaign (in the Novel category)
Patrick Nielsen Hayden for his work at Tor Books and on the Starlight anthology series (in the professional editor category)
Dave Langford for Ansible (in the best fanzine and best fan writer categories)

Bigtime congrats to them and to the other nominees. It's a really good (IMHO) slate of nominees this year. Best slate for best dramatic presentation that I've seen in ages, IMHO.
posted at 1:31 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

Vote for Bruce Schneier in an amusing poll.
posted at 1:07 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

Today my grandparents-- Edwin & Florence Olson-- celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. Now that's impressive. Lotsa folks assume when I mention how many years my grandparents have been married, that they were young kids who got married young. But actually, they dated for five years before they married in their twenties. Anyway. They're amazing people and I love them a lot and I hope they have a fabulous day. I just ordered flowers for them online which I hope arrive today and look good.

My other grandparents were also married for more than 50 years before my Grandma Krahn passed away. I've been really lucky and blessed to have such cool grandparents (regardless of how long they've been married) who've been amazing to me all through my life.
posted at 11:53 AM Central Time <

* * *

I'm back from Minicon and boy am I tired. And I've got bucketloads of work to do both at home and at work. So things may still be a little slow around here, though I hope to report on all manner of hilarity that ensued at this years convention. And on the fine music. Etc.
posted at 11:48 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

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