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Friday, April 14, 2000

I've seen the Brill's Content article about slash fanfic mentioned a few places, so I didn't bother linking to it here. Now I'm thinking better of it since not everyone who reads my weblog also reads the same set of weblogs I read (duh).

And now I see that there's a good article re fanfic on Slate [via Davey Snyder on a Minicon committee list].

I'll be sure to pass out if I ever see a story re slash in USA Today or on the local news.
posted at 5:36 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

I'm intrigued by iButtons (via /usr/bin/girl). Makes me wanna get one and mess around and come up with cool apps. Or maybe I just want one because. Y'know. I'm a geek.
posted at 3:25 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

I'm going to the Twins game tonight @ the Metrodome in Minneapolis. Always makes me nostalgic for the days when I worked @ and I'd be able to walk to the Dome after work to see games.

The Twins are playing the Orioles. And Cal Ripkin, Jr. is darn close to hit 3,000. Okay, he's four hits away . . . I'll be rooting for him to get four hits or at least some hits tonight, of course, even if they're against the Twins.
posted at 11:10 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

I can't stop tinkering with this page, even though I've received positive feedback about the new design. I'm a menace. But I did miss having Windowseat written in the fontdinerdotcom font. I heard from a couple of readers who did, too. So it's back for now.
posted at 11:04 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

Thursday, April 13, 2000

Geek or Fashion slave? Capri pants or men?

What am I on about? Today I'm wearing my got root? t-shirt. With fringed (beaded fringed actually) capri pants. Yes, I'm one conflicted chick. It's all black, though, dahling. More or less.

Hmmm. This reminds me of discussions on BBSes where I used to hang out. We'd have a place to list what we had for dinner. And a room where we'd say what we were wearing. I see the future: a collaborative WearBlog. But who would care enough to read it?
posted at 6:29 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

When a Sleestack page meets the T'inator. Oh my.
posted at 6:18 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

Yesterday when I left work, I found that it was snowing. Snow covered everything. Wet snow. Saw one pissed off Canadian Goose sitting ramrod straight by the pond at my apartment complex.

Today it's 60 degrees outside.

This is some weird weather we're having, even by Minnesota standards (and that's saying something).
posted at 6:17 PM Central Time <

* * *

Lessee, there must be something in the air these days. whim&vinegar, turlyming, and stuff & rot have all redesigned recently. I like all the new designs, though the fonts on the latter two are so small they're hard to read (on my Mac, natch).
posted at 5:37 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

I've updated the archive page so everything is all together now (as opposed to being on separate archive pages).
posted at 1:21 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

whim & vinegar is back. Welcome back, Jen!
posted at 1:02 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

So I've resisted linking to some things of late that were linked to in a heap o' other weblogs. Mostly because I couldn't remember where I saw the links first and I hate not being able to give credit where credit is due. But since I've seen fit to email some of the links and because I want to keep track of 'em, here they be:

USA Today feature re David Duchovny that includes Gillian Anderson's interview of him.

Action Figure Block Party (be sure to visit all the pages). (And if you haven't seen Alien Ice Picktures which I'm sure I've linked to many times before, it's fun of a similar sort).

Fisher Price People dressed as TV/Movie/Comic characters.
posted at 10:20 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

I saw Return To Me last Friday and enjoyed it. But I'm a big Bonnie Hunt fan, so . . . but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Minnie Driver and David Duchovny in it. Both managed to be sweet and charming and not annoying at all (they've each rubbed me the wrong way in other roles before). It's the kindof film you can take your parents and grandparents, too, even if they're pretty conservative if you get my drift (and there really aren't a lot of pictures that come out like that). Sweet, without being too corny. Not a classic, IMHO, but nice. A pleasant film. I mean that in a good way. Fine work from the supporting cast, too.
posted at 12:31 AM Central Time <

* * *

Saw High Fidelity finally tonight. Liked it heaps, but that should shock absolutely no one. I like John Cusack, I'm a recovering music addict. Boy did that record shop and the people in it remind me of stuff. I suspect my hopes were up pretty high, so I was expecting a little more from it than I got. But I still liked it a lot and I'm sure it's one I'll want to have in ye olde video collection someday. I should probably read the book it's based on, eh? I remember hearing scads about it at the time, but never found the time to read it.
posted at 12:26 AM Central Time <

* * *

Hmmph. I absolutely adore the color combination that featured a red color (the same one that's used for the dates) for the sidebar, it looks gorgeous when I view it on my apple LCD flatscreen monitor @ work. But @ home on the boring old monitor hooked to my PC, the colors seem too dark. Grumble. And I even picked from the web safe color palette! Humina. So I'm going with a lighter color for the sidebar and I guess it looks okay, though I fear it's too much like too many other sites out there. Or perhaps I'll return to the red, but with white or another really light text? As always, suggestions, comments, etc. are greatly appreciated.
posted at 12:24 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

New design (obviously). Probably not quite ready for primetime, but I couldn't wait. Please let me know what you think. I'm not yet satisfied with my font and link colors-- do let me know if you like them or if you've suggestions. Is the link sidebar too dark for the font? I haven't yet tested it on my Windows machine, alas. What do you like? What don't you like? What's broken? And thanks for your patience as I make changes.
posted at 5:51 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

You know those small keyboards that come with iMacs and most Apple systems? And those round mice? Almost everyone I know hates 'em. Where I work, we buy bigger keyboards for everybody. And better mice. Or else at the least we buy and distribute iCatches.

Good business for those selling Apple accessories. But will Apple ever wise up and stop with the round mice already?

I wonder how much a box of 100 iMice would fetch on eBay?
posted at 2:17 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

I love Melissa Ferrick's music, her latest album was released in March. I just ordered it (yay!). I should try to describe her stuff, but I never find that words do music justice. Perhaps after I get the album and listen to it, I'll write more.
posted at 1:05 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

Seth's Entropic Decay is a new weblog on the block that quotes Moxy Fruvous and mentions science fiction a fair bit. Of course I've gotta link to it.
posted at 12:34 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

Hey-- wasn't the sweaters for penguins thing done in weblogs many months ago? It's funny how certain sites and stories seem to cycle around. Featured in a bunch of weblogs once, sure to be featured in another round of them many months later. (Not picking on anyone here in case that's not obvious, just musing aloud . . . )(probably has more to do with news coverage of stories) (I still remember how most webloggers linked to the story about flame-throwing cars in South Africa many weeks before CNN picked it up, then we witnessed another wave of folks talking about it)
posted at 12:13 PM Central Time <

* * *

I first linked to The Finger Gallery in my weblog during November of 1998. But I still love the page and since they're airing a special honoring Harrison Ford tonight on CBS, it seemed like a good time to link to it again. If you've never been there and you like Harrison Ford, go now. Go often.
posted at 11:14 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

Ah-hah! I found the recipe for Minneapolis blog in my email archives (which I obviously can't link to, alas). But here it is:

One can (12 oz) Frozen Orange Juice
One can (12 oz) Frozen Lemonade
One can (12 oz) Frozen Limeade
6 Oz Grenadine
4 quarts Ginger Ale
12 Oz Vodka
Ice (LOTS)

St. Paul blog is the same, but without the vodka. The recipe originated with Jim Young's mother, some 30+ years ago, we've been serving it at Minicon that long, too. (Though these days I think most people drink whatever beer and/or cider we have on tap or pop or water far more than blog. Still, it's traditional. And many years folks who work on Minicon have had to scour the entire metro area to find enough limeade. And some years folks have gotten a little, shall we say, creative with the recipe).

A search on "blog" in rec.arts.sf.fandom turns up a fair number of interesting items, for what it's worth.

A couple of years ago we discovered that Minn-stf has a large surplus of bottles of grenadine; while NESFA has a post-it note surplus. (Those who're familiar with these groups will find this wildly appropriate. Of course it would be so!)
posted at 9:58 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

It just occurred to me that those of us who'll be mixing/making the blog at Minicon this year should really have Blogger shirts to wear.

I'd post the recipe for blog here, but somehow now when I search on the term, all I find is weblog stuff. Harrumph. Alas, I remember the recipe fairly well, but not well enough to post it. I told y'all that referring to weblogs as blogs would cause trouble. Okay, only for fangirls like me, but hey.
posted at 9:42 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

I've been known to reference sleestacks from time to time [link via Karen Cooper]. Some of my friends get it, but a lot of times people say "what's a sleestack?" Well, now you know (if you didn't before) . And knowing is half the battle (which is a reference to another show I watched when I was a kid).
posted at 9:30 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

If you think Hello Kitty stuff is just for kids, you haven't spent much time looking at the listings on eBay where you'll find things like this which make the toasters and vacuum cleaners seem mundane. Or this.
posted at 9:25 AM Central Time <link>

* * *

Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Yikes. It's been a while since I posted, hasn't it? Not that long, but still.

I've been swamped dealing with offline issues. And preparing for Minicon. And working on a redesign (for real) of this page. It's gonna be cool if I ever find time to finish it. Ahem.

Anyway, don't give up on me, I shall return soon (usually, it's right after I post about being gone for a bit, that I get reenergized and start babbling incessantly).
posted at 3:31 PM Central Time <link>

* * *

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