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December 12, 2003


My Grandma Florence Bradwisch Olson passed away this morning, a little before 4am Central time. I was there talking to her for the last hour of her life, I hope she could tell I was there. She passed peacefully. Her husband of 67 years, my Grandpa Edwin Olson, preceded her in death back in January.

It's been a very long month and a longer year for my family. Thanks to everyone who has written or otherwise expressed support. And to everyone for being a bit patient when it comes to me and this old website.

Obviously, you can read more details of this stuff if you want to in my online journal.

I posted pictures of my Grandma there in case you're curious. Her wedding photo, pictures of her and Grandpa with me and my brother when we were little, and a fairly recent picture of her.

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