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December 09, 2003

catching up

Wow. I haven't posted anything since September and back then I didn't post much. Holy cow.

Well, my life these days is devoted largely to helping with the care of my Grandmother. She was in an assisted living facility, now is in a nursing home. There've been hospital stays. I go with her to all her doctors appointments and visit her almost daily. It's taking a lot out of me, more than I'd've thought. I don't know how people who actually live with and care for someone 24/7 manage it. (My Grandma took care of my Grandpa after he was bedridden for 5 years in her home here, before that she took in two of her sisters when they had Alzheimer's. It's part of why I moved here to be with her, I figure it's the least I could do).

Right before Thanksgiving we learned that my Grandma has cancer and she may not have much time left. So that's where my energy goes these days.

It's been a very rough year. Lost both my grandfathers in January. Grandma fell in February, moved to assisted living in March. I moved to be closer to her in July. Lost a great uncle and a great aunt in October.

Most of my energy online is devoted to tvpicks.net. It's been about all I can handle updating that every day (and sometimes I haven't managed it). This week I'm working to get back in a groove there. I think my picks yesterday and today have rocked. Wish more people would read 'em.

I haven't had time to do much web surfing that's not related to the tv picks. Haven't kept up with many weblogs or online journals or other sites. I miss it a bit, sure.

Working to dust off various parts of this website. Make some improvements at tvpicks.net and here.

I think maybe I'll try to note all my updates elsewhere in this weblog. And if I try to post at least one other fun link each time I do that, maybe before too long this'll be a happening weblog again. A girl can dream. I'll try get to that later in the week or next week.

In the meantime, you'll find most of my writing over at tvpicks.net and in my livejournal.

Hope y'all had a pleasant Turkey Day. If anyone wants to exchange holiday cards, I'd be happy to. Keep in mind my address changed in July, if you need it, email me.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 04:51 PM | TrackBack

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yeah, you can do it!

caregivers get all my respect -- I was caregiver to my parents for the last two years of their lives, and had many things that made it easier (enough money, my sister helping, my mom's good spirits). even so I went to counseling every week.

Posted by: Anita Rowland at December 9, 2003 06:06 PM

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