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May 13, 2003

fall 2003-04 schedule grid

As this TV season winds down, it's now time for the Upfronts. A crazy time when the networks announce their schedules for next season.

I'm covering this, of course, at www.TVPicks.net. I've done fall previews for a few years now.

NBC, ABC, and the WB have announced their schedules already; CBS, UPN, and FOX will make their announcements tomorrow and Thursday. I'm collecting the data as it's made available and putting together a schedule grid for 2003-04. You'll also find links to the press releases and other coverage there. And a list of shows that aren't returning (and those that will return but not 'til midseason next year).

See which shows return and which shows won't! Second guess those wacky network executives.

Best news so far? Angel, Boomtown, and Ed will return next year (until this week, it looked like each of them might not return, they were "on the bubble").

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Looks like some good new shows coming. Was worried with much of what i'm currently watching going away. Tarzan and Jane and coupling and Whoopi look worth checking out

Posted by: Star Straf at May 14, 2003 03:46 PM

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