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April 25, 2003

some good news

From Washingtonpost.com: Slowly, Loot Is Being Returned to Museum.

This story made me cry for too many reasons. There's a good story there, of how some artifacts are being returned. How some people are doing good.

But it's still all tangled up in the loss that's hard to fathom. I'd hoped some people were trying to save stuff and I'm glad that's true. I'd hoped others would turn things in when offered amnesty. And that other bits might be found. I'd hoped perhaps some of the very rich in this world might try to acquire things and return them to museums.

Some of that is happening and it's good. Yet even in a good story, there are tales of paintings left standing in sewage and I just feel sick again. (But they were found! Even finding damaged goods is good, but . . . sigh).

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