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April 10, 2003

Home Media Option and Software update for Tivo

Home Media Option is now available for people with Series 2 TiVos. As well as a new software update. What's Home Media Option? For a one-time charge of $99, you can connect your Tivo to your home network. Why do this? You can get schedule updates via a net.connection instead of your phone line and you can tell your Tivo to record something via a website (great for if you're away and need to get word to your Tivo to record something). Oh yeah, you can also listen to mp3s or view image files from your computer via your Tivo. So you can watch a slideshow of your favorite pictures on your TV or you can listen to your collection of mp3s via your home theater sound system (or just your TV).

It's all pretty darn cool. There are other new features in the new Tivo software-- the coolest may be "folder view" of the shows in "Now Playing". Rather than seeing 20 episodes of Law & Order listed separately on your main page, you can instead see a "folder" and if you go into the Law & Order folder, all 20 episodes are listed by episode title. Cleans up the view of Now Playing, that's for sure.

I had an early model Tivo, but was gifted with a cool Series 2 model for Christmas. I love it. And if you ever want to know more about TiVo (especially if you're considering buying one), go ahead and email me. (If you're going to Minicon, I'll be on a panel about TiVos and PVRs at the con).

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