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April 03, 2003

the problem with Ed

I completely agree with the points Alan Sepinwall makes in his piece titled "Stuck in Stuckeyville:"

Maybe I'm just projecting my prejudices onto the rest of the viewing audience (wouldn't be the first time), but I've gotten the impression that the majority of "Ed" fans watch the show for everything but Ed and Carol: for the banter, the $10 bets, the small-town charm, the kooky court cases and the sense of camaraderie. (Ed's pals seem like a lot more fun to hang with than the "Friends.")

The Ed and Carol saga, meanwhile, plays out like a computer simulation of the UST formula, as the writers scramble for one reason or another why these two nice people haven't shacked up by now. It feels phony, and more important, it hurts the rest of the show.

Amen to that. Ed has been better this season than last season, but it's still the Ed-Carol stuff that usually bores me to tears. I was, frankly, relieved when they were locked in the bowling alley and told to resolve things (and I liked how that played out). But now I'm irked again as they're dancing around each other again. I know there must be some people out there still rooting for the characters to get together; I'm just rooting for it to happen quicklike so the show can move on to better things. (Like Molly and Eli and any of the other characters). [via TV Tattle]

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