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March 15, 2003

Minicon pre-reg deadline

The deadline for registering for Minicon 38 is Monday, March 17th. That's also the deadline for getting a room in the Minicon room block at the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis. You can register at today's Minn-StF party/meeting or at tomorrow's Minicon meeting (details re both on the Minn-StF website). You can send registration in the mail (have it postmarked by March 17th) or you can register online via Paypal.

This message brought to you by someone who used to work on Minicon (at all levels), who is the Minn-StF webmaster, who'll likely be on some panels (again) at this Minicon, and who'll be attending her 15th Minicon in a row. It's a good time. If you want more information (of the sort not usually covered on official websites), email me.

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