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November 12, 2002

world fantasy con

I had a great time at World Fantasy Con. Thanks to everyone who was there for making it such a cool experience. Highlights? All sorts of cool programming, listening to all sorts of cool people talk (including Gene Wolfe, Joe Haldeman, Jonathan Carroll, Neil Gaiman, Kathe Koja, Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, John M. Ford, Pamela Dean, Peg Kerr, Jane Yolen, Charles de Lint, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Charles Vess, Dave McKean, Graham Joyce, Robert Sheckley, and on and on and on . . . ). Cool people talking about cool stuff, that's fun. Yes, I even had my say on a few topics. And then there was the art and the music! I worked in the art show and got to see some mighty fine stuff. Sets at First Avenue by Folk Underground (the Fabulous Lorraine's new band) and Lojo Russo. I got to meet Neile Graham (someone I've known for a while online). A fine Guy Fawkes party. Music parties featuring PNH, Charles & MaryAnn de Lint, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Ellen Klages, Ellen Kushner, Lojo, Lorraine, Todd Menton, and so on and so forth. Fun conversations in the consuite and at parties with old and new friends. 'Twas all good.

I'm a lazy girl, I should be linking to websites for all sorts of these cool people. Maybe later. Many are folks I've mentioned before.

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