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November 12, 2002


Loved James Lileks' recent Bleat. I'd quote some of it, but I'd be a quoting fool-- you're better off reading it. Long, covering a variety of topics, but oh-so-good.

It strikes me as funny that I now go and visit people's websites to read their words and then I comment on their stuff on my own website or maybe via email. And many of these same folks (like Lileks) are people I used to just hang out with on BBSes. Isn't it weird how far we've come and yet how much more inefficient it can all be? (Dialing up a BBS and chatting with everyone Right There was simpler in a lot of ways). Maybe I just miss that community. There are all kinds of communities online now, but with a local dial-up BBS you knew you could all meet up at a coffeeshop or a Perkins sometime if you wanted to, you know? Had a certain immediacy that some modern day net.communities lack.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 02:14 AM

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