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September 11, 2002


Apologies if you read my journal and see this in both places.

Some links:

John M. Ford: "110 Stories"

Jon Carroll: "The Ax Falls, And It Falls Again"

Eleanor Lang: "Some Days The Sky Is Too Big" (and also: "The Day The Towers Fell").

Dave Barry: "On Hallowed Ground"

James Lileks: "9/11's Horror Is As Fresh As Ever" and "The Bleat (9/11/02)"

Sarah D. Bunting: "The Fastest Year" (Sarah is looking for a man named Don, whose birthday is September 11th, who lives in Jersey City and who was with her one year ago. If you think you might know Don, contact Sarah. More information on her website and in her account of that day: "For Thou Art With Us").

Teresa Nielsen Hayden: "Coming Up On A Year"

Patrick Nielsen Hayden: "All Grief Is Local"

M. Giant: "It's Bringing Me To My Knees"

Jessica Morgan: "Unhappy Anniversary"

James Collier: "September 11"

David Letterman: His opening remarks on September 17, 2001-- the first night The Late Show aired after the attacks.

Jon Stewart: Remarks on The Daily Show's first show back after the attacks.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 09:54 AM

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Thanks for the links

Posted by: Eileen Lufkin at September 11, 2002 07:05 PM

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