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August 15, 2002


One year ago today, I was laid off from my position as a systems administrator for a graphic prepress company. I'm still looking for work.

Huge thank-you's to the many friends and strangers who've been supportive during this time. Your emails, gifts, donations, and well-wishes have meant a lot. Job leads have been much appreciated. Encouraging words and advice are cool things. Links can make my day. Thanks so much to those who know me in-person and who've taken me out to movies and shows and/or to dinner. Y'all rock.

Here's a link to a rough web version of my resume. I need to spruce it up a bit. If you've got suggestions for my job search (or for spiffing up/cleaning up this resume), they're still very much appreciated. If you've job leads, send 'em my way. I'm primarily interested in jobs where I can continue to live in Minnesota, but for the right gig I might consider a move.

I am considering a career change, getting out of ye olde IT field. Many think I'd be well-suited to a job where I wrote about TV (hey!) or about pop culture. I'm intrigued by positions that involve proofreading, editing, and/or writing. I like doing public relations and marketing sorts of things. I've been a great administrative assistant in the past. I love doing research (and I'm good at it). I've got good instincts when it comes to user interfaces (and I enjoy testing and doing quality control sorts of things). I'm still searching for my ideal job, I guess. (Got any ideas? Fire away!) I think my ideal gig would probably involve words and technology, somehow. If only weblogging and tv-picking could pay my bills.

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