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May 02, 2002

the end of the x-files

My heart hasn't been in (or with) The X-Files for a while now. I haven't watched many episodes this season, but I've still recorded 'em all. I still read the news about the show sometimes. I plan to watch the rest of the episodes this season.

I'm upset with Carter & company for a great many things. When I watch my DVDs or tapes of old episodes, I enjoy the old episodes but I'm also sad when I think about storylines that went nowhere or ended badly, when I think about so many missed opportunities. But still: it's a show I loved, it's a show I still care about even if I'm mad about some stuff. I'm sure I'll be sad once I realize there are no more new adventures to be seen. Of course, there's always fanfic . . .

They're posting behind the scenes clips every day up until the finale at this page on the official site. And I'm sure the Haven will have the best coverage of all things X around during these last days of the series.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 01:05 AM

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