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March 07, 2002

eotl and muds

Years ago, the second time I was away at college, I got hooked on a MUD. Wow, that never happens, right? Heh. I used to hang out on eotl a.k.a. End of the Line.

I didn't really play the game, even though it seemed like most of the people on eotl were into the game, darnit. I mostly just wanted to hang out. I got killed occasionally (oops), but mostly I chatted with a handful of people who I've lost touch with over the years. I remember one guy and I had a special fondness for Casablanca so we had aliases set up to quote long passages from it and my aliases were called "sam" and "sam2" and like that. One of which would make me say "Play it, Sam; you played it for her, you can play it for me!" Ah, good times.

My handle was Sethra and I remember a wizard or two recognizing the reference and giving me appropriate weaponry and attributes. That was a kick. (Much like how when I used to hang out on IRC a lot as Sethra, it was cute when someone called Loiosh would message me just to say, well, very Loiosh-like things).

(So in a fit of boredom this morning, I logged into eotl and was surprised how familiar it was, all these years later. Can anyone recommend a good Windows MUD client? I used to use TinyFugue back in the day on UNIX systems).

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 10:57 AM

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I very seldom MUD but on those

rare time I dip my feet in I use

Zmud. It seems friendly enough.

Many years ago I used it extensively with "Ancient Anguish".

It's from Zugg software at:


Posted by: Kevin Meehan at March 7, 2002 11:46 AM

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I had forgotten about the nick Sethra....

Posted by: Paul at March 14, 2002 02:15 PM

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I was lucky enough to get play Cawti in a Dragaeran LARP, to my husband's Vlad. We bought fire lizards and let them role play jhereg. :) The funniest was when someone managed to get an item card for 2 teckla and pinned it to Scott's cloak right below Loiosh. Oh, that, and the fact that the person playing Kragar had the uncanny ability to sneak up on Scott. :)

Posted by: Jen at April 25, 2002 10:13 PM

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I remember EOTL also. Ahh those were the good ole days. With all the vampires and ghouls running around Lake Geneva, WI. I miss it. I really wish life was still like that.

Posted by: kelly at February 9, 2003 11:33 PM

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