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March 07, 2002

peter gammons on the twins

Peter Gammons:

Their owner tried to disown them. The commissioner tried to bury them. The players didn’t know until a week before spring training who they would be training for. But they’re back. The Minnesota Twins are back. And, in what could be the ultimate in-your-face, they begin the 2002 season with a legitimate chance to be the darlings of October. Root, root, root for your home team, but every baseball fan across the land has a twin allegiance this year. Start spreading the news: The Minnesota Twins are America’s Team.

The thing is, regardless of whether you give a hoot about baseball or sports in general, I think you can't help but root a little for the Twins. Talk about the ultimate underdogs, talk about down-to-earth folks. Read the rest of Gammons' piece. You may think "America's team" is a dorky phrase (or you may think of the Atlanta Braves, if you watched too much TBS back in the day), but I can't argue with the sentiment behind it.

Lots more coverage of the Twins can be found via the links in the sidebar of this weblog. The Twins have been my team all my life, I hope they're adopted by some more people this year.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 09:21 AM

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