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January 14, 2002

ted demme dead at 38

Oh, hell. I hate seeing (and then reporting) news like this: Director Ted Demme is reportedly dead of a heart attack. He was only 38.

He directed two episodes of Homicide: Life on the Street ("Fits Like A Glove" and part 1 of "Hostage"), directed episodes of the series Gun and Action; he also directed the films The Ref (one of my favorite Christmas movies), Beautiful Girls (which I liked, too), Monument Ave. (which I heard was good and keep meaning to see), Life, and Blow (both of which I haven't seen yet). Was the nephew of director Jonathan Demme. And, well, he always seemed like a cool guy in interviews.

I know I'd read somewhere he was working on some cool projects with some cool people that I was looking forward to, can't seem to find information now.

Harry and the gang at AICN remember Ted Demme.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 05:37 PM

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