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January 03, 2002

medley medal

Wow! I'm very honored that Windowseat/TV Picks has received A Medley Medal from Lyn/Medley this year.

I'd like to thank t/h/e/ A/c/a/d/e/m/y/ Lyn, of course, for the award and for always saying such nice things about my little ol' site. I'd also like to thank everyone who has ever linked to any of my sites and everyone who's sent me donations or gifts or emails in support/thanks over the years. And everyone who takes the time to stop by regularly to read, even when I'm slow with updates. I really appreciate everyone who has stuck with me.

And hey-- go check out the rest of the Medley Medal recipients. A big part of why I'm so honored is 'cuz Lyn picks great sites.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 03:19 PM

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